Pijay’s Vice Regent Close Unsyiah Social Service

29.10.2017 Humas

Vice Regent of Pidie Jaya, Said Mulyadi, closed the second Unsyiah Integrated Social Service Series at the Pidie Jaya Regent Hall on Sunday (10/29). This social event has been held since October 20-29 2017 in several locations in Pidie Jaya.

Said appreciates Unsyiah who has chosen Pidie Jaya as the location of the activity so as to provide benefits for the community that was risen after the earthquake struck some time ago. According to him, Unsyiah has a special priority in Pidie Jaya. This is seen since three years ago by holding Thematic KKN and helping the rehabilitation and reconstruction process of Pidie Jaya after the earthquake.

"This is a great appreciation for Pidie Jaya. We are still looking forward to Unsyiah's help and support for improving the economy, agriculture and other social activities, "Said said.

Meanwhile, Rector of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng, said the social service in Pidie Jaya is a continuation of the integrated social work that was done last year in Gayo Lues. This event is one of the 56th Unsyiah anniversary series. Noted there are 44 activities involving 12 faculties and work units in the Unsyiah’s environment. These activities include cleft lip and cataract surgery, dental and oral medication, training in economics, agriculture, and health, applying appropriate technology, animal vaccination, and extension of sharia-based agriculture.

Rector affirmed that integrated social services will become the annual agenda of Unsyiah which will be held alternately in every district / city in Aceh. It aims to make the presence of Unsyiah can be felt directly by all levels of society in Aceh.

"Unsyiah in the last five years wants to be present everywhere as an ideal form of the previous founders who want to build and transform Aceh into a better direction," he said.

He added that this activity is a manifestation of the values ​​upheld by Unsyiah so far, namely honesty, sincerity, and togetherness. He hopes similar activities can be followed by other universities in Aceh so as to provide benefits and change people's lives.

On the same occasion, Vice Regent of Pidie Jaya and Rector Unsyiah also visited Islamic Boaring School Darul Munawarah, installation of clean water instal at Container Hospital, and visited the patient of cleft lip surgery. This activity is also supported by Crisis Relief Alliance (CRA) Singapore who assist medical equipment for Pidie Jaya Regional General Hospital (Hospital). []


Integrated Social Service Activity Unsyiah, including:

- Training in economics, agriculture, and health

- Health and education seminar

- Research and training

- Friday sermon and socialization of zakat

- Sharia-based agricultural extension

- Repair of houses of worship and environmental sanitation

- Counseling and treatment of teeth and mouth

- Supplementary feeding of pregnant and lactating mothers

- Demonstrate baby massage

- Workshop Unsyiah goes to school

- Training on making fish feed

- Drug hazard counseling

- Application of appropriate technology

- Vaccination of animals and training of farm cadres

- Cleft lip surgery and cataracts

- The socialization of pentaque sports and friendlies

- Library of Unsyiah care

- BEM Unsyiah student baksos action