Students of Low Faculty Won The Constitutional Debate

23.11.2017 Humas

Three students of Law Faculty, Syiah Kuala University won 1st place in the constitutional debate at the provincial level of Aceh, organized by the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) on November 21th 2017 at The Pade Hotel, Lampeneruet. (Thursday, 11/23).

The three students are Muhajir, Cut Aja Mawaddah and Rini Maisari. All three appear to represent the majors of Constitutional Law, Law Faculty Unsyiah. For their success, three students are also entitled to represent Aceh, in the same competition at the national level in the upcoming MPR RI year 2018.

Cut Aja Mawaddah, who represents the team, said that they feel very grateful for bringing the good name of Unsyiah at Aceh level. Because according to him, winning this competition is one of the dreams of students of Law Faculty.

"Alhamdulillah we are happy and proud to succeed in bringing the name of Unsyiah to represent Aceh, because this is a prestigious event among the students of the Law Faculty in Indonesia," said Cut.

Cut also expressed his gratitude for the support of all parties for this success. Especially their supervisor Zuhri, S.H., M., who is also chairman of the Constitutional Law and Vice Dean III of Faculty of Law Unsyiah Dr. Gaussyah.

"Including all the lecturers of Faculty of Law who are willing to direct us in discussions, and add insight related to the debate motions that are all related to the law and the constitution," said Cut.

Furthermore, Cut also hopes support from the academic community Unsyiah and all parties for their competition at the national level later. They were determined to give the best performance and not low self in front of participants from all over Indonesia later.

"Please pray and support us, hopefully we can maximize. Optimistic for Unsyiah," she said.

Previously, MPR RI has held this competition throughout Indonesia, with the aim to capture the best students of the country in understanding the state constitution.