UBP Learn Accreditation From Unsyiah

21.11.2017 Humas

University of Buana Perjuangan (UBP) Karawang, West Java visited Syiah Kuala University to study accreditation. The visit was marked by memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing between Unsyiah and UBP at Senate Unsyiah Hall, Darussalam. (Tuesday, 11/21.).

Rector Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng said that Unsyiah's success in accrediting BAN-PT institution from C jumped to A has attracted many universities in Indonesia to come to this campus.

"This achievement has also invited 18 campuses from outside Aceh to study accreditation in Unsyiah," said the Rector.

Rector also explained, one of many key that make Unsyiah success in this achievement  is make the Library and UPT. Technology, Information and Communication (ICT) as the spearhead of this campus. In addition, the spirit of honesty, sincerity and togetherness have also been embedded in Unsyiah's identity.

"This success is because we make fundamental changes, and everyone works hard for this campus," said Rector.

The Rector also appreciated UBP's visit to come to Unsyiah. This shows a strong determination to enlarge UBP campus institutions, as well as to strengthen the friendship of the two universities.

"The arrival of UPB today also raises the name of Unsyiah, because at least UBP students can know there is a campus in the end west Indonesia," said Rector.

UBP Rector Dr. H. Dedi Mulyadi, M.M revealed his side agreed to visit Unsyiah after getting recommendation to learn accreditation from one of the founders of UBP’s Foundation. Currently all study programs at UBP have been accredited, and in the near future UBP will follow BAN-PT institution accreditation.

Dedi Mulyadi also explained that UBP is a new campus since it was established on October 17, 2014. This campus has only 3 Faculties, namely Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Technology and Computer Science and Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. Currently UBP students are only 3 batches with a total of 4500 students.

"So our arrival is, to learn a lot from Unsyiah that has proven successful," he said.

In this meeting also realized some Dean Unsyiah, Head of UPT TIK Unsyiah, Head of Library Unsyiah, Head of LP3M, and Head of Student Affairs and Academic Bureau Unsyiah. Meanwhile, UBP also attended the Chairman of UBP Foundation, UBP Vice Rectors, Head of LP3M and UBP Dean.