1,162 Unsyiah Students KKN in Pidie

09.01.2018 Humas

A total of 1,162 students from Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) Banda Aceh, conducted a Real Work Lecture (KKN) in Aceh Pidie. This release procession was conducted by Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur, BC., In the yard of Unsyiah Rectorate Bureau, Sunday afternoon (1/8). They will implement KKN for a month from January 8 to February 11, 2018.

These students will be located in 231 locations in 9 sub-districts including Delima Sub-district, Mila, Sakti, Mane, Geumpang, Titeue, Tangse, Keumala, and Tiro Sub-districts.

Alfiansyah asserted that KKN is a compulsory course that must be followed by students to complete their study in Unsyiah. According to him this program can bring students closer to the community, so the knowledge that has been obtained in the lecture bench can be applied directly in the community.

"Students should be able to create programs that highlight the uniqueness of the village. Invite the youth, the community, so that the existence of Unsyiah students can be felt directly, "said Alfian.

He also advised that students can implement KKN as well as possible and keep the good name of Unsyiah in society. Moreover after getting accreditation A, people's curiosity towards Unsyiah is getting higher.

Alfian also hopes that students can uphold local customs, socialize in the middle of society without violating the Shari'a, and show competence self qualified. The KKN participant consisted of students from twelve faculties in Unsyiah