Unsyiah Successfully Foster Unigha and USM

29.12.2017 Humas


Syiah Kuala University has succeeded in becoming Foster College for Jabal Ghafur University and Serambi Mekkah University. This was conveyed by Rector Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal M.Eng at the closing of Grant Program of Higher Education and Study Program of Kemenristekditi at Senate Hall of Unsyiah. (Thursday, 12/28).

Rector explained, PT Asuh program started in July 2017 with funds from Kemenristekdikti. Since then Unigha and USM have shown a lot of changes, so Unsyiah get appreciation from Kemenristekdikti as Excellent College of 26 Colleges designated as PT Asuh.

"This award means we have succeeded and hopefully we can continue other activities together to advance Aceh's education," said Rector.

The Rector added that Unsyiah's role in PT Asuh is an effort to improve the quality of education in Aceh. Therefore, Unsyiah wants to help universities in Aceh to grow better.

"We do not want Unsyiah to go alone, we want all universities in Aceh to be good. Because if alumni of higher education institutions in Aceh are well educated, God willing, Aceh will go forward, "said Rector.

Chief Executive of PT Asuh Dr.Ir. M. Aman Yaman explained that this fostering program involves 30 courses in general, and in the implementation using the model of Internal Quality Assurance Unit (SPMI) which has been applied in Unsyiah.

"As a result, there has been a strengthening of the organization and the strengthening of documents. And the most obvious, there has been an increase in accreditation from several study programs both in Unigha and USM, "Aman said.

Chairman of the Institute for Development, Education and Quality Assurance (LP3M) Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan said, one of the keys to the success of this program is because of the commitment of every college leadership to improve the quality of education management campus.

"Leadership is indeed very important and I see myself the commitment of leaders either Unigha or USM during the implementation of this program," said Marwan.

USM Rector Drs. H. Said Usman, S.Pd M. Kes said, USM greatly appreciate the role of Unsyiah during PT Asuh to campus. Of the 21 existing courses in USM are now mostly accredited B. For this reason, Said hopes this cooperation can continue so that all other courses also increase accreditation.

"Our campus accreditation is still C and some other programs of its accreditation period have been exhausted. So we expect to later get an evaluation from the team LP3M Unsyiah," said Said.

Rector Unigha Drs. Sulaiman Usman M.Pd. revealed, it is very appreciate the programs conducted by facilitation Unsyiah so far. According to him, the program is not a basic program, but an action program whose goal is to solve the problem.

"Thanks to this hard work, Jabal Ghafur, formerly known as the conflict, is now well known. There are many certificates that we have obtained. So, programs like this hopefully can be maintained and improved in the future, "said Sulaiman.