DPD and Unsyiah Conducted Legal Test of State Assets Management Bill

15.06.2017 Humas


The Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) took of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) in the Academic Paper Legal Test and Bill on the Management of State and Regional Assets. The event was held in Senate Unsyiah Hall, Monday (12/6).

The event was hosted by the Vice Dean of Faculty of Law Dr. Azhari SH MCL MA was attended by eight DPD RI members, namely Vice Chairman of DPD RI Prof. Dr. Ir Damayanti Lubis, Vice Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI Drs Ghazali Abbas Adan, member of Committee IV DPD RI Ayi Hambali , Abu Bakar Jamalia, Mohammad Saleh SE, Dr. Andi Surya, Herry Erfian ST, and Leonardy Harmainy SIP MH.

Ghazali Abbas said, although DPD RI members already experienced in politics, but DPD RI still needs input from academics on campus. According to him, the bill is important to discuss because it concerns about the future of Indonesia and the society. At the same time also held similar activities at Diponegoro University Semarang and Makassar State University

"The validity test of the bill concerning this aims to refine the academic script of the bill which has been drawn up the DPD RI," he said.

He said Indonesia needed a law that regulates the management of potential state assets, such as oil and gas, minerals and coal contained within the Indonesian mining jurisdiction. The results of the land there are not renewable so it has an important role in fulfilling the livelihood of many people.

Prof Damayanti added, therefore the management of natural resources must be controlled by the state in order to give real added value to the national economy to improve prosperity and people's welfare in justice.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector IV Unsyiah Dr Nazamuddin MA in his speech said, Unsyiah welcomed the efforts of DPD RI who invites Unsyiah in the refinement of the draft bill that has been designed.

"Unsyiah has been asked several times for opinions on the Bill being discussed and hope law experts in Unsyiah can help DPD RI in designing the bill in question," he concluded.

Also attending the event were Heads of Regional Offices of the Directorate General of State Assets of Aceh Kurniawan Nizar, Secretary of the Acehnese Financial Management Board M Nasir, the expert team of DPD RI, academics and legal experts of Unsyiah.



Editor: Reza Fahlevi

Traslator: Fahmi Risnaldi