Joint Summer Camp For Disaster Mitigation

24.08.2017 Humas

Syiah Kuala University held the first Joint Summer Camp program in 2017 which was organized by Office of International Affairs (OIA). The program with theme Understanding Disaster Mitigation through Nature & Culture aims to held disaster related topic classes and visit some particular places.

The Joint Summer Camp which its schedule is from August 14th-21st, was open officially by the chairman of OIA, Dr. Muzailin Affan, followed by speeches by the Head of Master Program of Disaster Sciences, Dr. Nazil Ismail, and the Head of International Collaboration Office of Bogor Agricultural University, Dr. Eko Hari Purnomo.

The participants, students from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia, learn and have a discussion in class about preparing for potential hazards in disaster, especially earthquake and tsunami. Since they are from different countries, the camp makes participants present how cultures and geographical issues, and disaster mitigation based on each origin.  

Further, they have chances to visit places like Meteorological, Climatologically, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG), to see how staffs work on analyzing earthquakes, coastline area in Ujong Pancu, where the participants can obtain knowledge about mangrove and plant the plants in the area, Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC), and so on. These several activities have built the program to get them excited and engaged in resilience effort.

Then the participants also have opportunities to go to Search and Rescue National Agency (BASARNAS), Tsunami sites, and Senior High School of SMA 1 that marked as School Emergency Preparedness.

Especially on August 17th, on Indonesia Independent day, the participants enjoy the day by competing in Indonesian cultural games; makan kerupuk, lomba balap karung, lompat tali, bawa kelereng, tarik tambang, and others.

"I think this program successfully made you enjoy and felt pleased, based on photos I saw. Later I hope you can visit again Indonesia, especially Syiah Kuala University", said by the chairman of OIA on the closing ceremony, August 21st. On the day, all participants performed cultural performances and wore traditional costume.