Rector Inaugurates Senate and SPI Officials

17.10.2017 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng, on Friday (10/13) inaugurated 4 new officials in Unsyiah. Those who were inaugurated at AAC Dayan Dawood consisted of two senate officials and two officials of the Internal Control Unit (SPI). The two senate officials are Prof. Dr. Said Muhammad, M.A as Chairman of the Senate and Prof. Dr. Marwan, S.Si., M.Si as the Secretary of the Senate.

While two others were inaugurated each Dr. Darwanis, SE., M.Sc. Ak as Chairman of the Internal Supervisory Unit and Suparno, SE.Ak., M.Si as Secretary of the Internal Control Unit.

Prof Samsul in his speech hopes that these new officials can work optimally, transparently, while upholding the accountability so that Unsyiah is better especially in budget execution. For that reason, Rector asked SPI to work more intensively in supervision for the improvement of academic and non academic activities in Unsyiah. Including also provide advice and corrections in the implementation of the budget.

"SPI's emphasis is more on the financial and organizational sectors that will be improved," said Rector.

Meanwhile, for the new senate official, Prof Samsul said that if Unsyiah currently has separated between rector and senate positions, it is expected to monitor executives and work more accountable. This separation was to create a better Unsyiah in the future. He also stressed that the senate is not a subordinate of the rector, although inaugurated by the rector.

"Hopefully the separation of the executive with the university senate makes the senate more accountable so that the decisions are not influenced by the Rector," Prof. Samsul said.

Also attending the inauguration were vice rectors, faculty deans, members of the university senate, and other academic community.