The Japanese Ambassador Hosted Unsyiah

28.08.2017 Humas

The Japanese Ambassador for Indonesia Masafumi ISHII hosted Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah). Masafumi came with his wife and the Secretary of the Yamamori Masamu Embassy. They was greeted by Vice Rector I Unsyiah Dr. Hizir in the Unsyiah Rector Mini Room on Monday (8/28).

Dr Hizir said that during this time Unsyiah cooperated with several universities in Japan, both in the field of research cooperation, scientific publication, student or lecturer exchange, and scholarship assistance.

"Hundreds of PhD (S3 graduates) Unsyiah also come from Japan, even Rector Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir Samsul Rizal MEng also one of the graduates from Japan," said Hizir.

On that occasion, Hizir also expressed his gratitude for the magnitude help from Japan, both before and after the tsunami in Aceh.

Meanwhile, Masafumi expressed, the cooperation of the Government of Japan in Aceh is actually focused on disaster mitigation. When the earthquake and tsunami occurred in Aceh in 2004 ago, Japanese community helped to alleviate the burden of the Aceh people.

"Then, we are also grateful because when the big earthquake occurred in Japan in 2016, Indonesia, including Aceh, is very concerned about Japanese people," he said.

Masafumi also admitted that the results from Indonesian researchers helped the Japanese government in dealing with disasters, especially the disaster from Merapi. Some time ago when Japan was hit by Merapi disaster, some Japanese researchers came to Indonesia to learn about how to handling the disaster.

"For the study of Merapi, Indonesia is actually more advanced than Japan. The researchers from Japan have also come to Indonesia to examine the lava flow," he said.

Aceh is the second city that Masafumi visited after serving as Ambassador of Japan since April 2017. This visit aims to be more familiar with Indonesia. In Unsyiah Masfumi also expressed his admiration for Aceh nature which he said not much different from Japan.

"The landscape in Aceh is almost the same as Japan, which is flanked by sea and mountain. So I fell in love with Aceh, if I have a chance I will come back, "he said.

Also present at the meeting were Vice Rector II Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Husni SH Mhum, Head of Unsyiah Quality Management System Development Center Dr. Ir M Aman Yaman MagricSc, Director of 7 in 1 Unsyiah Dr Tarmizi MSc, and Secretary of Disaster Masters Program Dr. Nizamuddin MInfoSc.