The University Leader meets with KPA Staff

21.06.2017 Humas

The head of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) again held a friendly meeting with the staff of the Central Office of Administration (KPA) Unsyiah for Ramadhan Safari at the Senate Hall on Thursday (15/6). The meeting was led by the Rector of Syiah Kuala University Prof Dr Ir Samsul Rizal MEng who was accompanied by the Vice Rectors Unsyiah.

           On the occasion, the Rector of Unsyiah received suggestions from the employees of KPA Unsyiah.

           "The most important thing during the work is to develop a sense of honesty, sincerity, and togetherness," said Prof. Samsul.

           He also alludes to the point of togetherness that has been run Unsyiah. According to him, togetherness is meant that both work and both get the results of the work.

           "Besides, Unsyiah is trying to go to Public Service Agency (BLU), it needs support and hard work of all parties to realize that dream," he said

           Unsyiah Rector will also continue to coordinate with the Minister of Research and Technology related to the desire of Unsyiah to become BLU. Unsyiah wants to be the spearhead of the universities in Sumatra.

           "In line with that we must also improve the performance that has been running for this," he said.

           He added, Unsyiah has been continuing to prepare human resources (HR) is qualified to face the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA). So far the quality has been very good, but once the BLU is formed Unsyiah will rationalize all employees.

           Also present in this Ramadan safari, heads of bureaus, heads of institutions, and other officials of Unsyiah.


Editor:Reza Fahlevi

Translator: Fahmi Risnaldi