Unhan Socialize its Campus In Unsyiah

17.10.2017 Humas

Indonesian Defense University (Unhan) conducted a socialization of its campus introduction at Syiah Kuala University. The Unhan delegation led by Unhan General Bureau Chief I Nyoman Nastra was welcomed by Vice Rector IV Unsyiah, Nazamuddin MA at the Unsyiah’s Senate Hall. Friday, (10/13)

Nazamuddin said, the relationship between Unhan and Unsyiah actually been long established because both campuses have signed the MoU. So today's meeting, according to Nazam, is to re-establish the relationship.

"We are happy, with this socialization we can better know each other, and hopefully students, lecturers or employees of Unsyiah will be able to study at Unhan," said Nazamuddin.

I Nyoman Nastra explained, so far Unhan has made much progress, one of them is this campus has successfully achieved accreditation A.

Currently Unhan has 4 faculties which are Faculty of Defense Strategy, Faculty of Defense Management, Faculty of National Security and Faculty of Defense Technology.

"Of the 4 faculties, please choose which one is suitable for our young generation," he said.

I Nyoman Nastra also revealed that Unhan provides the widest opportunity to the public and civil servants both TNI/Polri and civilian to join the master of defense science degree program with Magister of Defense/M.Si (Han)