Unsyiah and UIN Ar-Raniry Commemorate Nuzulul Quran Together

15.06.2017 Humas

University of Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) and State Islamic University (UIN) Ar-Raniry commemorate the night of Nuzulul Quran together at Masjid Jami 'Kampus Unsyiah, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, Sunday night (11/6/2017).

Nuzulul Quran warning is coupled with the implementation of tarawih led by Ustaz Hajarul Akbar Alhafiz SHI MA. While religious lectures on the theme of  Al-Qur'an as a Solution for people in the end-time toward the Awakening of the Islamic Community of Islam is delivered by the Leader of the Council of Islamic Da'wah Indonesia (DDII) KH Syuhada Bachri LC.

Vice Rector III of Unsyiah, Dr Ir Alfiansyah Yulianur BC in his speech said, every year Unsyiah organizes various activities in Ramadhan program in campus (RDK). Various activities collected in the RDK program, among others tarhib and Ramadan parade, daurah Alquran, break fasting and sahur together, nuzulul quran, ngabuburit, and qiyamullail.

"Every day Unsyiah provides 400 fast breaking packages and 300 packages for the Sahur daurah," he said.

For that, said Dr Alfiansyah, Mosque Prosperity Board (BKM) Jami 'Campus Unsyiah or RDK committee needs funds around Rp225 million for the implementation of this month's RDK series. So the BKM is still receiving donations, especially for the tahfiz participants of the Qur'an. If the funds have been collected in accordance with the needs, then anyone who will donate is not accepted anymore. For people who want to give donation can send through Bank Mandiri Syariah (BSM) with account number 7087046138 on behalf of M Dekar. The committee is also willing to pick up donations or alms by calling the number of BKM Chairman Prof. Mustanir 081263107146 or Chairman of the RDK Committee Dr rer nat Ilham Maulana at 081269026908.

"The implementation of RDK aims to enliven and revive Ramadhan month with worship activities," he said.

According to him, this year not only Unsyiah students are involved in the RDK program, but there are also UIN Ar-Raniry students who are included in the committee. The registrant of the Qur'an recitation program in 2017 reached 800 people, but only 150 more people received because of the limitations of the organizers. Participants are not only from Aceh, but also come from outside Aceh to memorize the Koran in the mosque Unsyiah.

Meanwhile, KH Marty Bachri in his lecture revealed, Muslims can only rise if cling and practice the content of the Qur'an. In addition, there are several factors that hamper the rise of Muslims, including Muslims who love the world, enemies by deliberately planting viruses love the world against Muslims, and they also create sources of wickedness and disobedience for Muslims.

"Ironically now wickedness and disobedience is not only done by adults, but even already hit the children," he said.

He explains, the phenomenon does not appear by itself, but this is deliberately engineered to stem the rise of Muslims. Those who want to dampen the power of Muslims also seek to create a misconception in Islam and make false prophets.

"Supposedly, we as Muslims should be introspective and contemplate why in the century of Islamic awakening appeared like that," he said.

KH Syuhada continued, the orientalists have studied that Islam will rise in the 14th century hijri or in the year 1400 hijriah. Therefore, various ways are done to dispel the rise of Islamic power in the world.

"What's the solution? All Muslims must return to the Qur'an and sunnah by making them both as guidance and life guidance, "he said.

He added that if the power and the rise of Islam has not yet come, then there is a mistake made by Muslims. So there must be a commitment from Muslims to practice the content of the Qur'an perfectly so that the rise of Islam becomes a reality.

On that occasion also took delivery of awards to the participants of tahfiz duran Alquran by WR III Unsyiah. Also attending the event were Vice Rector IV Dr. Nazamuddin MA, LP2M Chairman Prof. Dr. Hasanuddin, LP3M Chairman Dr. Ir Marwan, deans, and hundreds of other pilgrims.


Editor: Reza Fahlevi

Translator: Fahmi Risnaldi