Unsyiah And UiTM Establish Cooperation

19.10.2017 Humas

Syiah Kuala University and Teknologi Mara University (UiTM) Cawangan Perak Malaysia agreed to collaborate in the academic field. This was conveyed in a meeting between Rector Unsyiah Prof.Dr.Ir.Samsul Rizal, M.Eng with Rector UiTM Prof. Madya SR DR MD. Yusof bin Hamid in the Rector’s Mini Room, Unsyiah, Darussalam. (Wednesday, 10/18).

The agreement on this cooperation is the publication of scientific journals, conference conferences, magisterial scholarships and student exchanges and lecturers especially in the field of architecture and accounting.

Unsyiah Rector said that during this time, Unsyiah has been working with universities in Malaysia. Such cooperation is quite helpful to Unsyiah in an effort to improve its academic quality. Therefore, according to the Rector, the matters that have been agreed upon in this cooperation should be a joint commitment.

"Of course we strongly agree with this kind of cooperation. Students and lecturers of Unsyiah can learn more so that they can improve their competence, "said Rector.

The UiTM Rector explained, specifically for the exchange of lecturers. The trick is Unsyiah's lecturer as guest lecturer for several months at UiTM. The UiTM Campus will cover Unsyiah lecturer accommodation in Malaysia. To that end, the UiTM Rector hoped, the same could Unsyiah give to the UiTM lecturer during they stay at Unsyiah.

"For lodging problems we are ready to accommodate Unsyiah lecturers and students. UiTM has a facility for that, Unsyiah just bear the cost of transportation only. And we want the same leverage from Unsyiah," said UiTM Rector.

In this meeting, the Unsyiah Rector also explained the history of the establishment of Unsyiah and the relationship of the Aceh Kingdom with Pahang, Malaysia.

Also present at this meeting were Deputy Rector IV Unsyiah Dr. Nazamuddin MA, Head of Center for Quality Management System Development LP3M Unsyiah Dr.Ir. Aman Yaman. Then Researcher UiTM DR. Siti Rasidah MD. SAKIP and Senior Lecturer UiTM Prof. Madya DR. Mohd Sabrizaa Abd Rashid.