Unsyiah and Unaya Established Cooperation

15.06.2017 Humas

University of Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah) and Universitas Abulyatama (Unaya) Aceh Besar established cooperation related to the improvement of human resources (HR) as well as the fostering of institutional relations. This cooperation agreement is stipulated in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the Rector Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal MEng and Rector Unaya R Agung Efriyo Hadi PhD in the mini room of Rector Unsyiah, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, Wednesday (14/6/2017).

Unsyiah Rector said this cooperation is focused on the agreement between Medical Faculty (FK) and Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Unsyiah with FK Unaya. Unsyiah is very open in cooperation with any party, moreover, the cooperation with universities in Aceh. Unsyiah Rector is ready to offer human resources owned Unsyiah to help Unaya in improving the quality of its institution.

"Because we have the same responsibility in educating children of the nation, especially children of Aceh," said Rector Unsyiah.

Mentioned, at this time many universities from outside Aceh who learned accreditation to Unsyiah after it successfully achieved accreditation A. Some of these colleges were eventually succeeded in achieving accreditation A.

"If the outside campuses want to study from Unsyiah, why the campus in Aceh does not want to learn? Unsyiah is very open, we also do not charge any fee, "he explained.

Meanwhile, Rector Unaya really appreciated the attention of Unsyiah related to institutional relationship building with Unaya. He acknowledged that Unsyiah is a university in Aceh that has been tested for its quality. He hopes this cooperation could result in a mutually beneficial agreement between the two sides.

"Unsyiah has now become a barometer of universities in Aceh. So it is natural that Unsyiah color the world of education, especially universities in Aceh, "he concluded.

Present in this cooperation agreement, Vice Rector IV Unsyiah Dr. Nazamuddin MA, Dean of FK Unsyiah Dr. dr Maimun Syukri Sp PD KGH-FINASIM, Dean of FKG Unsyiah Drg Zaki Mubarak MS and Dean of FK Unaya dr Feriyani SpM.



Penulis : Ibnu Syahri Ramadhan

Editor  : Reza Fahlevi

Translator: Fahmi Risnaldi