Unsyiah Arrange Disaster Education Qanun Academic Paper

15.06.2017 Humas

Syiah Kuala University through Task Force of Pidie Jaya Post Earthquake Recovery undertook the drafting of Disaster Education Qanun Academic Paper in Aceh. The compilation was carried out in the form of Workshop on Academic Paper Preparation of Qanun Dissemination Education held in Senate Unsyiah Hall, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, on Wednesday (14/6/2017).

Unsyiah Rector Prof Dr Ir Samsul Rizal MEng said that until now there is no legal law that regulates disaster education in Aceh, both in formal and non-formal. Even though, the educational institutions have an important role to increase community preparedness in the face of disaster.

"Various disaster research results conclude that the number of human casualties can be minimized if people have a good moral awareness of disaster. Public unpreparedness in the face of disaster is caused by lack of knowledge about disaster, "he explained.

Prof. Samsul said that besides preparing the academic paper for disaster, Unsyiah through the Pidie Jaya  Post-Earthquake Recovery Task Team has also formulated six other priority actions for post-earthquake recovery in Pidie Jaya Regency. The six priority actions are the accompaniment of physical and infrastructure development processes, building container hospitals, earthquake fault mapping, KKN Thematic, encouraging the development of Earthquake Learning House in Aceh, and the preparation of academic texts of Disaster Education Qanun in Aceh.

"It is very important for Aceh to produce disaster education lessons to be an education, not only for the people of Aceh and Indonesia, but also the world," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Team for Disaster Education Qanun Academic Paper Drs Denni Iskandar MPd said, this meeting is a series of action Unsyiah Task Force, one of the program is the preparation of academic manuscript disaster.

"Aceh as a disaster-prone area should have an educational curriculum that studies disaster," he said.

According to him, disaster victims can be minimized if people have a good understanding and have preparedness in disaster. Furthermore, according to Indonesia's Disaster Data and Information (DIBI), Aceh is the highest area in Indonesia that is often hit by disasters. Recorded, from 1815 to 2017 there are 1,057 disasters in Aceh.

"So today's meeting is an effort to capture and absorb input from various parties, both philosophically, sociologically, and juridically so that enrich the results of academic texts being compiled," he concluded.

FGD Facilitator Dr Yanis Rinaldi SH Mhum added that the academic script will be used as a draft qanun. Subsequently, submitted to the House of Representatives of Aceh (DPRA) in the form of initiative proposals.

This workshop presents policy makers and experts in education and disaster, both locally and nationally. Also present are various elements of society such as school supervisors, teachers, environmental activists, media representatives, community organizations, academics, disaster experts, and religious leaders.



Penulis: Ferhat Muchtar

Editor: Reza Fahlevi

Translator: Fahmi Risnaldi