Unsyiah Proposes Qanun of Disaster Education

28.12.2017 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng., Submitted a draft academic paper on Disaster Education to the Aceh People Representatives (DPRA) which was received directly by the Chairman of the DPRA Muharuddin at Ulee Lheue's Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) on Wednesday (12/27). This academic script was prepared by Unsyiah team to be considered for the government in developing Qanun Dissemination Education in Aceh.

Prof Samsul said the academic script of Disaster Education is an effort to improve community preparedness starting at an early age. Because according to him Aceh is in a potentially high-risk areas to face the disaster in the future. This is evident from the results of research Unsyiah and Singapore researchers who recorded the existence of tsunami sediments in the cave in Lhoong, Aceh Besar, which estimates there are 7-11 tsunami that hit Aceh in the past. This study confirms that Aceh is a tsunami prone area and tsunami repetition can occur at any time. For that, need preparedness in reducing risk in a sustainable and effective one through education.

"The right choice for this reality is to make peace with the disaster and answer this trial by developing disaster knowledge and increasing the devotion to Allah SWT," Prof. said. Samsul

Chairman of the DPRA, Muharuddin, welcomed and appreciated the recommendation related the preparation of Disaster Education texts to bring awareness and reduce disaster risk from an early age. According to him, disaster risk reduction needs to be initiated through the education world so that people know how to face and protect themselves early on from the disaster. On the same occasion he also expressed his gratitude to the international community who has helped Aceh so that it can get back from adversity after the tsunami 13 years ago.

Dr. Sulastri, M.Si., one of the drafting team of academic education of disaster education, said that this education script not only focus on earthquake and tsunami, but also cover all aspects of disaster. Preparation of this manuscript also involves some experts from Unsyiah, such as historians, disaster, until the Indonesian language expert. He hopes that this academic script can be a qanun so that in Aceh will present subjects that provide understanding of disaster ranging from elementary school to college.

"The Aceh government needs to prepare a generation of conscious and resilient disaster. How to provide disaster education at all levels of education," said Sulastri.

In this activity, the Chairman of the DPRA also received a joint recommendation from the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB) Aceh and TDRMC Unsyiah which proposed that December 26 be designated as National Disaster Resilience Day or National Tsunami Day.