Unsyiah Student must have SKPI

17.03.2017 Humas

Students of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) is now must have certificate of non-academic in form Certificate of Diploma Companion (SPKI). This is expressed by Vice Rector III, Dr. Ir Alfiansyah Yulianur BC in the Central Office Administration (KPA) Unsyiah, Wednesday (15/3).

WR III Unsyiah said, these provisions come into effect from March 16, 2017. Then the prospective graduates who have period from February to April 2017 are also required to have SPKI as a graduation requirement. This rule is intended to make students Unsyiah not only come to school to learn, but there must also actively participate in social activities and organizations.

"We do not want the Unsyiah students like butterfly students, study then home– study then home," he said.

He reveals, SPKI is very useful for students, especially when they are looking for a job after graduating college. Because, value of non-academic has become one of the most important indicators for the agency or company in attracting labor.

" SPKI is not just a requirement for graduation, but also beneficial for students to find job," said Alfiansyah.

Head of Student Welfare Sector, Drs Unsyiah Yatasrif MPd mention, there are several criteria that contained in SPKI, such as active in activities of the organization and leadership, scientific and reasoning, interests and talents, social care and other non-academic activities. Each non-academic activities of students has its own value, depending on the scope of its activities such as activities at the faculty, university or national level.

"The quality of value also depends on the position of students in each of the activities such as committee chairman, secretary, treasurer or member," he said.



Writer: Ibnu Syahri Ramadhan

Editor: Reza Fahlevi

Translator : Fahmi Risnaldi