Unsyiah Won KIP Award on Higher Education in Aceh

18.12.2017 Humas

Syiah Kuala University achieved the first rank of Public Information Disclosure Award for the category of Higher Education in Aceh. The award was submitted by the Chairman of the Aceh Information Commission. Afrizal Tjoetra S.Pd., M.Si to the Vice Rector IV Unsyiah, Dr. Nazamuddin MA at Anjong Mon Mata, Banda Aceh. (Monday, 12/18).

Dr. Nazamuddin MA said Unsyiah is very grateful for achieving this achievement. In 2015 Unsyiah only got the second rank, while in 2016 this award is not implemented.

Therefore, Nazamuddin hopes this achievement can be defend by Unsyiah in the future.

"Alhamdulillah, this year Unsyiah successfully got first rank. We must maintain the openness of this public information, especially Unsyiah website that can be accessed with data that is always updated, and much information," said Nazamuddin.

This achievement, continued Nazamuddin, is also strongly associated Unsyiah rank in Webometrics is one device or system to measure the progress from all universities in the world through the university website.

"This achievement is also related to Webometrics Unsyiah, which got ranked eleven nationally," added Nazam.

Head of Public Relations Unsyiah Husni Friady, S.T., M.M. said that this achievement can motivate Unsyiah to keep and more improving its public service. Because based on value achieved, Unsyiah still has the potential to get maximum result.

"For Aceh, the target of Unsyiah has been achieved. Hopefully Unsyiah can achieve the same achievement at the national level," said Husni.

Meanwhile, Afrizal Tjoetra explained that this activity is an evaluation of public information service especially in SKPA, Regency/City, State Universities and Political Parties in Aceh.

"This agenda as a joint effort we run the Constitution No. 14 of 2008 on public information disclosure in Aceh. For the sake of creating a clean and fair government of Aceh, "he said.