Koetaradja USK Prototype Rewarded Most Eco-Friendly Car In Chem-E-Car Competition

13.04.2021 Humas

The prototype car developed by Koetaradja Team from The University of Syiah Kuala (USK) was rewarded The Most Eco-Friendly Car in the Indonesian Chem-E-Car Competition (ICECC) 2021. 

The ICECC is an international competition held by Sepuluh Nopember Intitute of Technology Surabaya on 7-11 April 2021. There were about 24 teams that joined this event which include not only those from Indonesia, but also other countries – one of which is from Colombia. In this competition, the participants were required to power up the prototype car using chemical fuel which allows it to move up to a certain distance but with low emission. 

The Saleum Teuka 5.0 prototype from Koetaradja USK utilized the decomposition of H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) as the power source. This chemical fuel is known to be eco-friendly because it produces very low emission. This achievement resulted in the Koetaradja’s Saleum Teuka 5.0 to be awarded The Most Eco-Friendly Car in the 2021 ICECC.

The Koetaradja team was supervised by Prof Dr. Ir. Marwan and led by Wahyuni (Chemical Engineering 2017). The team also consists of some members: Syarbi Aulia Arpa (Chemical Engineering 2018), Aldi Aramiko (Chemical Engineering 2018), Muhammad Hafiz (Chemical Engineering 2018), Rizki Wahidi (Chemical Engineering 2019), Selli Gita Amelia (Chemical Engineering 2019),  Gilbert Muhammad Wahyudin (Chemical Engineering 2019), Salli Murdani (Chemical Engineering 2017), T.M Rizki Aldiza (Electrical Engineering 2017), Raden Mumtaz (Electrical Engineering 2018) dan Imam Ashabul (Electrical Engineering 2019).