USK Student Won Gold Award in Russia

14.04.2021 Humas

A student of USK in the Teacher Training and Education Faculty from the Early Childhood Education Program, Cut Mirna, has won the gold award on the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies “Archimedes” Russian event. This event was held by INNOPA (Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association). Cut Mirna and her teammate were rewarded for their accomplishment in the health industry. 

Cut Mirna made a tea product that may help lower the blood sugar levels. In this competition, she collaborated with Thabed Tholib Baladraf from The University of Jember. They both named their innovation as TEA-JAMACI. Previously, they were given three weeks to experiment on their product and proof that the tea can lower the sugar level in blood. They discussed and exchanged their ideas to make this product work and also did some laboratory observation and testing. During this process, they created the tea under the inspirational shack (pondok inspirasi) community where they collaborated and contributed to each others’ ideas. 

“This tea was made from the selected spices in Aceh and Jember. We combined the spices to create an abstract innovation and beneficial for our health.”, as explained by Cut Mirna.

She also added that there had been some investors asking about their product in this event. Even though it is a virtual event using a 3D design, this situation did not affect their spirit to explain their product in detail. 

Both Cut Mirna and Thabed have a similar interest in writing scientific papers. Their innovative product has managed to amaze the jury to reward them with the gold medal. Cut Mirna also hoped that this product will one day be sold commercially in many platforms, both online and offline so that it would benefit more people.