1,265 Unsyiah Students Join KKN Briefing

04.11.2019 Humas

A total of 1,265 Unsyiah students took part in the briefing of the Real Work Lecture for the 18th period. This activity was opened by Vice Rector III Unsyiah Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC in the AAC Dayan Dawood Building. (Sunday, 11/3).

Head of the Center for Implementation and Development of Real Work Lectures (P3KKN) Unsyiah Prof. Dr. drh. Tongku Nizwan Siregar, M.P explained that the Community Service Program will be held in Aceh Tamiang Regency on 9 January - February 8, 2020.

These KKN students consist of Regular KKN and Integrated KKN. They will stay in 11 districts and 208 villages in Aceh Tamiang. Where each village consists of 5-7 students.

The theme on this KKN is "We Empower Potential Natural Resources to Improve Community Economy and Nature Conservation in Aceh Tamiang".

On that occasion, Tongku reminded that Unsyiah students should avoid programs that are already very common. Like making road markers, hand washing movements and so on. But make a program that has a legacy, so that when the Community Service Program is finished the community will still benefit.

"So avoid activities that are demonstrative in nature, which will ultimately be abandoned by the community. So make a program that has legacy, such as fixing the system so that the people of Aceh Tamiang really feel the benefits, "he said.

Alfiansyah in his direction said, the implementation KKN is a realization of one of the Tridharma Principles namely community service. For this reason, during the Community Service program the Unsyiah students must be able to feel their presence by the community. The programs implemented must have a significant influence on village development.


"This is an opportunity for Unsyiah students to apply the knowledge they have gained in college. So what you have learned so far has not been in vain. But there are benefits for many people, "Alfian said.

On the other hand, the implementation of KKN is an opportunity for Unsyiah students to optimize their potential. Because when they are involved in the community, they will see the real problems. At that moment, students are required to mobilize all the potential that exists in him to solve the problem.

In addition, Alfian also reminded that Unsyiah students must utilize all the technological conveniences today for village development. Especially now that it has entered the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. This is also in line with the Aceh Tamiang District Government's expectation, that Unsyiah students can participate in helping to improve the technology-based system.

"You teach village officials how to use Information Technology. For example, by creating E government or E budgeting in managing village funds, "Alfiansyah said.

Alfiansyah also advised, during the KKN later Unsyiah students should be able to maintain manners when interacting with the community. They must come up with good examples. Likewise in worship, Unsyiah students must make it a habit, especially for men to pray in congregation in the mosque. Things like this that can give a good impression for the community.