13 Countries Join the TDMRC Disaster Management Workshop

17.04.2018 Humas

A total of 13 countries attended the Disaster Management Workshop organized by the Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) of Syiah Kuala University. The event, entitled International Workshop On Management for Countries in The Regions of Pacific, Africa, Europe, South America and Carribean 2018 was held at Kryiad Muraya Hotel on Monday (16/4).

Vice Rector IV Unsyiah, Dr. Nazamuddin M.A, said since the tsunami, Unsyiah has been actively campaigning for disaster risk management, especially in prone areas of tsunami. Because he thinks Unsyiah has committed to continue to develop knowledge and technology in tackling disaster and reduce its impact.

"In addition we also want to improve the ability of students, lecturers, and institutions Unsyiah to disaster mitigation," said Nazamuddin.

Therefore, in 2006 Unsyiah has set up a TDMRC disaster research center that until now has served a number of organizations both individually and communities.

"The research center has also systematically developed its capacity to provide better knowledge in disaster management," said Nazamuddin.

Chairman of the Committee, Ibnu Rusdi, said this workshop is a cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia with the Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) Unsyiah. Participants come from several countries that have the same geological conditions as Aceh.

"These countries come from areas with high disaster risk, such as countries in the Asia Pacific region," he said.

Senior Diplomat of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Savitri Wahab, said this activity is part of the Indonesian government's commitment to building a collective awareness of disaster risk management. According to him, Aceh is an ideal example to conduct this event because it has long experience in tackling disaster risk.

"Aceh has experience in disaster management. I think that's the focus we will give, because as an Indonesian country we have a responsibility to improve the capacity of disaster management, "he concluded. [ib]