Three Unsyiah Lecturers Provide Entrepreneurship Training to the PKK Group in Rukoh

26.06.2020 Humas

Three lecturers from Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) gave training to PKK women in Rukoh Village, Syiah Kuala District, Banda Aceh City. This activity took place at the village PKK office on Tuesday (6/23/2020). The training raised the theme "Empowering Women's Human Resources in the Context of Encouraging Entrepreneurial Motivation to Improve the Family Economy through Hijab Embroidery Skills."

Community Service Program Activities carried out by Dr. Fadhilah, M.Pd (FKIP Unsyiah), Dr. Muliati Usman, S.E. (FEB Unsyiah), and Dahlia, S.Psi., M.Sc (FK Unsyiah) in the form of lectures, discussions and practices in accordance with their respective fields of expertise.

The dedication team designed the concept of an economic approach as one of the strategies to deal with the family economy which is certainly an important issue to be resolved promptly. Of the various problems faced by female human resources, the community service team seeks to see various potentials that can be sought as a solution to the problems faced by female human resources, in this case the PKK women in Rukoh Village, Syiah Kuala District, Banda Aceh.

Empowering women to improve the family's economy can be pursued through entrepreneurial activities that can be carried out by mothers together when they carry out their duties and functions as housewives. Therefore, the right solution to provide embroidery headscarves is considered by the Community Service Implementation Team as an effective effort to overcome the family's economic problems through entrepreneurship.

The existence of this activity is expected to have a positive impact on increasing the ability of Gampong Rukoh women to empower themselves as independent female human resources through capacity building and knowledge in implementing entrepreneurship so as to be able to take on the role of successful women entrepreneurs through mastering the veiling as a capital in improving the family economy.

The participants seemed very enthusiastic about the training that was held and hoped that there would be a sustainability of the training program going forward. Through the development of this training concept, it is hoped that PKK Gampong Rukoh as partners will benefit from the training activities carried out by the service team from Syiah Kuala University.