BMKG And FMIPA USK Announced ‘Angin Geureutee’ Phenomenon

28.07.2021 Humas


The Aceh Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council (BMKG) in synergy with the Faculty of Mathematics and Science of Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) announced a newly discovered phenomenon ‘Angin Geureutee’ (Geureutee Wind) in the Senate Hall of USK. (Banda Aceh, Wednesday, 28 July 2021).

This announcement was made with the presence of USK Rector, Prof. Dr. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, and the Deputy of the Central Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council, Guswanto, M.Si., the Dean of FMIPA USK, Dr. Teuku M. Iqbalsyah, M.Sc., the Head Coordinator of Aceh Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council, Nasrol Aidil, researcher for both institutions, and relevant provincial and regional officers from Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya.

Dr. Yopi Ilhamsyah, a researcher from USK who has been monitoring the Angin Geureutee phenomenon mentioned that this phenomenon was first noticed by a forecaster from the Sultan Iskandar Muda Meteorology Station. The observation also shows that foehn wind phenomena would be noticed around Mt.Geureutee region within the months of July-August.

 “This phenomena is similar to the phenomena of Angin Bahorok in North Sumatera; Angin Barudu in Sulawesi; Angin Gending in Probolinggo; Angin Kumbang in Cirebon; Angin Brubu in Makassar; and Angin Wabraw in Biak. The current Angin Geureutee phenomenon is named after its place of occurrence, Mt.Geureutee.”

According to the data from the last twenty years, this wind phenomenon has brought a significant impact to drought and plant destruction around Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh and the wet air mass that led to floods in Aceh Jaya. Therefore, the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council teamed up with FMIPA from USK to do a more detailed observation of this phenomenon.

Prior to the announcement, both Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Council and FMIPA USK had had an online coordination and audience meeting followed by a Focus Group Discussion (FGD). After going through a number of observations and data analysis, both institutions agreed to announce this phenomenon to the public so that the public would better understand this phenomenon along with its impacts especially for those living around the impacted regions namely Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, and Aceh Jaya.

Budi Hutasoit, a forecaster from BMKG, mentioned the winds in Aceh Besar and Pidie even took some trees down to the root and knocked over the rice plants.  Other impacts that the winds cause include widespread dehydration, occurrence of pests and illnesses such as cough, diarrhea, vomiting and dull skin.

“The case of epidemic illnesses such as malaria and dengue fever would also increase following the increasing heat of the surface. So, the planting of rice, corn, and planting of other plants should also be adjusted with this phenomenon to produce better plant production.”

The Rector of USK, Samsul Rizal, showed his appreciation to the sharp observations of the BMKG and FMIPA USK researchers who collaborate to monitor this Angin Geureutee phenomenon. Samsul also believes that any phenomenon that happens is with Allah’s permission and that they will bring benefit for humans, and that nothing is useless.

“USK is ready to synergize with any institution to study various natural phenomena for the good of humanity and the environment.”, as Samsul said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy of BMKG, Guswanto, wished that this activity would bring BMKG closer to the stakeholders who access their information, to be more familiar in utilizing the information they share. BMKG also aimed to socialize this to the stakeholders and communities in Aceh, especially those impacted by the activities of Angin Geureutee.