23 Unsyiah Dentists Inaugurated Online

06.05.2020 Humas

A total of 23 new dentists from the Syiah Kuala University Faculty of Dentistry were sworn in and sworn in online. The inauguration was led by the Dean of FKG Unsyiah Dr. drg. Cut Soraya, M.Pd, Sp, KG at the UPT TIK Unsyiah Building. (Banda Aceh, 6/5/2020).

In his remarks Cut Soraya explained, the inauguration and oath taking ceremony was for the 26th batch of period II of 2020. After this inauguration, the FKG Unsyiah alumni numbered 489 people.

This inauguration also feels different because it is carried out online. Because it follows the CoAP-19 deployment control measures, and refers to the Indonesian Medical Council Circular No.HK.02.03 / 04 / KKI / IV / 1041/2020 concerning Oath / Promises of Doctors and Dentists through media in the network during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

On that occasion, Cut Soraya congratulated the dentists on their achievements today. As well as gratitude for the trust of their parents who have chosen FKG Unsyiah as a place to educate their children.

To the new dentist, Cut Soraya advised that the knowledge they had gained could be utilized to take part in society.

"After all this time undergoing education and practicing clinical skills, now is the time to implement the knowledge gained as part of community service. By remaining firmly holding the code of ethics in Dentistry, "he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector I Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Marwan expressed his gratitude and pride for the success of the 23 new Dentists. Although the inauguration process was carried out online, Marwan believes this does not diminish the meaning of graduation itself.

"God willing, the procession is still recognized. Rector has also taken a policy so that diplomas can be given through their respective faculties, "he said.

Marwan also advised, after the inauguration, 23 new dentists were scientifically prepared to contribute to the community. Especially in health promotion activities, namely a healthy and clean lifestyle.

In addition, they are also encouraged to master information technology in carrying out their duties. Given the current information technology is something that can not be separated, whatever the background of scientific discipline.