02.08.2021 Humas

276 students from Universitas Syiah Kuala were approved to participate in the Kampus Mengajar II, The University Teaching Squad Batch II in 2021. The students, who will gave their services to the society, were seen off by the Vice rector I of USK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan at  the Teacher Training and Education Faculty’s yard.  (Banda Aceh, 2 August 2021). 

Prior to this, USK had sent 126 students on the similar activity, The University Teaching Squad Batch I on 22 March 2021. They were sent to various regions/cities in Aceh province.

Prof. Marwan congratulated the selected students since they would embark on a journey where they would gain experiences that could improve their competences beyond the university ground. 

Therefore, Prof. Marwan reminded the students to take part in this program seriously. He then encouraged the students and mentioned that their presence in the field should improve both students and teachers' motivations to study.

“We know that in this pandemic, carrying out learning activities are rather difficult. Everyone- teachers and students realize this. That is why we hope that your presence would motivate them.”, as the Vice Rector USK said. 

Aside from that, Prof. Marwan also reminded the students to pay attention to their health and safety knowing that Covid-19 is still a threat for us all. 

In this matter, Prof. Marwan asked students to comply with the health protocols when interacting with the society. This should also serve as an indirect educational platform for society, how they should cope with the pandemic. 

“We hope that all of you will always comply with the health protocols with discipline. If you are unwell, go and visit the closest health services.”, as Prof. Marwan said. 

Prof. Marwan then mentioned that this year’s program include more Field Supervisors, up to 34 people, which increased significantly from last year’s program, where there were only 2 Field Supervisors. 

Meanwhile, the Vice Dean of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP), Dr. Sanusi, S.Pd., M.Si. mentioned that out of the 276 students participating in this program, 251 are from FKIP and that the remaining ones are from various faculties in the university.

On this occasion, Dr. Sanusi told the students to uphold the university’s name and behave well.

He then suggested the students to always finish things on time and avoid postponing matters that relate to the completion of their program reports. These reports are indeed important for the evaluation and scoring which will be converted into grades in their credits.