Aceh Directorate General of Customs and Excise Office Joins Hands with USK To Discuss Economy Recovery

31.07.2021 Humas

Banda Aceh – The Directorate General of Customs and Excise of Aceh Province held the Customs Goes to Campus in Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK). In this event, the Aceh Customs Office and USK discussed the National Economy Recovery plan. (Banda Aceh, 30 July 2021).

The Regional Head of the Aceh Customs Office, Safuadi, S.T., M.Sc.i., Ph.D mentioned that although during the Covid-19 pandemic, all institutions need to be in synergy to achieve national economy recovery. This is also in line with the instructions from the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.

“Under the president’s instructions, we need to be one step ahead in this economy recovery plan, we need to get the ball by ourselves.”, he said.

He then believed that this could be achieved with a synergy of universities with the real sector. Safuadi also wanted to encourage the universities to direct the fresh graduates who are still looking for jobs to be involved in the creative and productive economic activities.

“We invite and ask that the entities in the university to create and get involved in the field of work according to their potential. We all know that Aceh economy is rather low on the processed industry. Therefore, we need to support the business people in Aceh to be focused on the processed industry as this will have a more promising increase in the value.”, as the Head of Customs Office said.

He even mentioned an example of a request from another country for ‘boh panah teucang’ or shredded jackfruit which unfortunately received no attention from the stakeholders in Aceh despite its high income value.

Therefore, to speed up the national economy recovery, the presence of processed industry is very encouraged to improve the product’s value. The Head of Customs Office then said that Aceh cannot only stand on a raw material-based economy.

Meanwhile, the Vice Rector I of USK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan welcomed the Customs Office invitation. He then showed his appreciation for this Customs Goes to Campus activity with the spirit to support research and development.

He then mentioned that at this moment, USK has some ready-to-ship products, the patchouli-based products.

“Recently, we have engaged in collaboration with PT POS Indonesia to make the patchouli export easier especially to Malaysia and the Middle East.”, as the Vice Rector said.

Prof. Marwan also hoped that the synergy with all institutions including the Customs Office would make exporting Aceh products easier. This will surely affect economic growth on the Veranda of Mecca.

“Thank you Customs Office of Aceh Region for opening the path for us so that we may have easier export access. To have everyone sit together and make access easy for collaboration is indeed not something easy to do. We all are together in this challenge.”, Prof. Marwan said.