Agriculture Faculty Conducts Micro Business Development For The Community

13.08.2020 Humas

Agricultural Engineering Study Program conducts micro business development for the people of Kuala Bubon Village, West Aceh using a vertical dryer application. This activity was carried out simultaneously with the Regional Partnership Program (PKW) between Unsyiah, Teuku Umar University, and the West Aceh Trade Office.

The chief executive of PKW, Diswandi Nurba, S.TP., M.Si said, this activity aims to improve the quality of processed seafood which has become the livelihood of residents, so that Kuala Bubon Village can become a center for marine product production based on a people's economy.

"The previous year we focused more on the vertical dryer application to increase the quantity and quality of production, so this year we will continue with business management and quality standards for processed products from the community," said Diswandi, Wednesday (8/12/2020).

This activity, he continued, was also to improve quality standards so that the processed products of micro entrepreneurs in Kuala Bubon could pocket SPP-IRT distribution permits and halal certificates. By obtaining a distribution permit, this micro product can expand into modern markets, such as super markets and malls. Especially at this time, the growth of new shopping centers in Aceh is very significant, followed by a shift in the shopping culture. Apart from targeting modern markets, this product also targets traditional markets. It is planned that this program will last for three years, until the food security zone is achieved and the people's economy grows in Kuala Bubon Village.

"This local product must be superior so that it is not left out in market competition, for that we need to improve the quality and product packaging."

The head of the West Aceh Trade Office represented by the Head of Industry, Arisman, said that he supported the implementation of PKW which was driven by Agricultural Engineering Study Program. His party will also propose to APBK to add a vertical dryer unit that Unsyiah has developed.

"This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been able to provide maximum assistance. However, we hope that this activity can awaken small industries which are experiencing difficulties in the current conditions, "said Arisman.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector III, University of Teuku Umar Dr. Mursyidin, MA gave high appreciation to the PKW Team who had initiated this activity. According to him, UTU with all the facilities and also human resources will continue to back up activities as needed. In fact, he promised the Integrated Business Incubator (IBT-UTU) would help foster small businesses in West Aceh after the completion of the PKW program.

"Hopefully this partnership will continue to run well and provide benefits to the community in accordance with the tridarma of higher education," he concluded.