BALITBANGKES: Accuracy Rate Of USK's Infection Lab Was 100%

18.01.2021 Humas

The Central Health Research and Development Agency (Balitbangkes) of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia submitted a report of laboratory confirmation test for the Covid-19 specimens test using the Biorad CFX96 Touch device, at the Syiah Kuala University Infectious Disease Laboratory. From this report, Balitbangkes concluded that the accuracy rate of USK's Infection Lab was 100%. (Banda Aceh, 18 January 2021).

In the report signed by the Head of Central Health Research and Development Agency Dr. dr. Vivi Setiawaty, M. Biomed explained, of the 30 specimens tested for reconfirmation by the Central Balitbangkes consisting of 20 positive specimens and 10 negative specimens, the results were the same as the results tested in the USK Infection Lab.

 "So we hereby convey the 100% accuracy of the USK infection disease lab test results," he said.

USK Infectious Diseases Laboratory Operational Manager Dr. Ichsan said that this test is part of the efforts to strengthen External Quality (PME). This activity is held periodically by other parties outside the laboratory concerned, to monitor and assess the performance of a laboratory in certain areas of examination.

"The implementation of PME activities is carried out by the government or private sector. Where the Covid19 PME Lab is carried out by the Central Balitbangkes Lab, "said Dr. Ichsan.

According to the USK lecturer, every Health Laboratory is obliged to follow PME organized by the government or a third party regularly and periodically, covering all areas of laboratory examination.

Because PME can show the performance (appearance / proficiency) of the laboratory concerned in the specified field of examination.

"Including determining the level of accuracy of laboratory tests in certain types of examinations. For example, in the RT-qPCR examination for Covid-19 detection, which we are currently doing, "he explained.

In the process, said Dr. Ichsan, PME materials should not be treated specifically, it must be carried out by officers who are used to carrying out these checks and using the equipment / reagents / methods commonly used.

Regarding the results of the Central Balitbangkes test, USK Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng said that he felt very grateful for the results of this PME. The rector hopes that this result can further encourage USK to improve the quality of its lab and services.

In addition, the rector also conveyed that the public did not need to feel doubt about the quality of testing from the USK Infectious Disease Lab so far. The rector guaranteed that all the results of testing the Covid-19 swab specimen in the USK lab could be accounted for.

"So far, we have indeed committed to maintaining the reputation of this Infectious Disease Lab. The results of PME specimen testing from Balitbangkes at least explain that the results of USK's lab work can be accounted for, "said the Rector.