BEM FK Unsyiah Holds Online Discussion with the Medical Team

24.04.2020 Humas

Student Executive Board of Medicine Faculty held a National Online Public Discussion through the Zoom Meeting application on Wednesday (4/22/2020). This activity was also broadcast live via Youtube channel Indonesian Medical Student Senate Association (ISMKI).

The activity in collaboration with PB IDI, IDI Banda Aceh Branch, HMI FK Unsyiah Commissariat, and National ISMKI, raised the theme of Covidpedia: Front Guard Speaking. Present as a speaker, dr. Daeng M. Faqih, S.H., M.H. (Chairperson of PB IDI), Dr. dr. Azharuddin, Sp.OT, K-Spine.FICS (Chair of the All Indonesia Hospital Association of Aceh Province), and dr. Listya Paramita, Sp.KK (Medical Influencer). The discussion was also enlivened by national musician Rahmania Astrini and moderated by the Secretary General of the BEM FK Unsyiah, M. Aidil Faraby.

Chairman of the BEM FK Unsyiah, Rais Maulana hopes this activity can be a media of information for the public about the development of the Covid-19 pandemic directly from the frontline, which is medical personnel.

On this occasion Dr. Daeng M. Faqih, S.H, M.H said that Indonesia is experiencing a drastic increase in ODP and PDP numbers to reach ± 196,000. He requested that the government meet the needs of mass testing checks, quickly, and broadly up to 10 thousand people per day. At present the government is only able to carry out tests of around 1,000 people per day with the number that has been examined around 46 thousand. So the number of PDP and ODP that has not been examined is around 150,000 people and this takes about 150 days.

"If the government agrees to mass testing of 10,000 per day, the effectiveness of time will be reduced from 150 days to 15 days. This is why this request is expected to be fulfilled, "said Dr. Daeng

He requested that the PCR as a golden standard operating in Indonesia be reproduced. In addition, the community is also asked to cooperate when asked for explanations from medical staff and maximize remote consultation facilities.

"We also appeal to remain at home. Because once we leave the house, we don't know where we are infected and it is feared that it can spread it to people who are at home. "

Furthermore, Dr. Listya Paramita, Sp.KK conveyed the importance of preventive measures such as PHBS and social distancing. Social care for neighbors in the environment must also be considered. Regarding the effectiveness of the rapid test, he conveyed that although it could not be a guide for diagnosis, the rapid test was very effective as an initial screening medium to map the distribution chain pattern. If the results are positive, then the PCR swab test can be continued.

Regarding the conditions in Aceh Dr. dr. Azharuddin, Sp.OT, K-Spine.FICS said that Aceh has received 15,000 rapid tests to be distributed precisely by the Health Service to 23 districts / cities. But he acknowledged that this number was far from adequate. He gave an example like RSUDZA which has 3,000 employees, but only 200 of them can do rapid tests. dr. Azhar also invited people to never get bored educating the surrounding environment in terms of breaking the chain of the spread of the corona virus.