Blits Team Explore Indonesia Visit Unsyiah

26.01.2019 Humas

Blits Team Explore Indonesia was present at Syiah Kuala University in the sharing session of the PLN-BLITS electric car on Wednesday (12/26). The team consists of lecturers and students of Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) and Budi Luhur University, and PLN as the sponsor party. In this sharing session, the BLITS team introduced two their electric cars named Blits and Kasauri.

This activity was attended by plt Aceh Governor Ir. Nova Iriansyah M.T., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ir. Mawan, Vice Rector for Student Affairs Alfiansyah Yulianur, Vice Rector for Cooperation, Planning and Public Relations Dr. Hizir, Dean of the Unsyiah Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Taufiq Saidi, General Manager of PLN UIW Aceh Jefri Rosiadi accompanied by Senior Managers, as well as dozens of lecturers and students from the Unsyiah Faculty of Engineering.

In his speech, Prof. Marwan hopes that with this sharing, the academics and students of Unsyiah can learn and continue to grow by creating new innovations in the field of transportation.

"Our students have also created an electric car named Malem Diwa, and have even participated in innovative work competitions at National and International levels. The pioneer is already there, what must be done now is to continue to experience innovation, "said Marwan.

Marwan also hopes that later the government can make new policies related to energy utilization, especially in the world of transportation.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of PLN explained that in the future we must be prepared to switch to the use of cars with electric power. This is to reduce the use of fuel which will eventually run out.

On this occasion, Nova Iriansyah appreciated the work of the nation's children, Blits, Kasauri, and Malem Diwa Cars. The government strongly supports the synergy between PLN UIW Aceh, Unsyiah and the Aceh Regional Government in developing innovative works for domestic children.

"The use of electric cars is a necessity", closed Nova.

Furthermore, the sharing session was filled by Dr. M. Nur Yuniarti, BLITS team who is also an ITS lecturer. This session begins by presenting a presentation on the innovation of electric vehicles for the nation. In his presentation, he assured that the use of electric cars in Indonesia was not impossible, because he and his own team had done it by driving using an electric car from Surabaya to Aceh.