Covid-19 Swab Test Has Only 3,000 More Tests Left

05.08.2020 Humas

The Syiah Kuala University Infection Laboratory is currently still able to check the Covid-19 swab test based on real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for 3,000 more tests. Unsyiah rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, revealed that number is predicted to run for only one month. He made this statement in response to the threat of stopping the Aceh Health Research and Development Center (Balitbangkes) from examining Covid-19 samples due to the exhaustion of health support materials.

"The stock of consumables in Unsyiah's lab currently has 3,000 left. We predict it can still be used for one month if under normal conditions, "said Prof. Samsul, Tuesday (8/4).

However, seeing the increasingly widespread spread of Covid-19 in Aceh and the increasing number of positives, the number of 3,000 is relatively small. Every day the Unsyiah infection laboratory checks about 50-200 samples. The number of swab examinations increased after the Eid al-Adha holiday.

Anticipating the worst, Unsyiah has ordered back the necessary inspection materials from several suppliers. But in fact, the supplier's needs were not fully able to fulfill the needs that Unsyiah wanted. This is because many laboratories and other provinces in Indonesia also need it. Moreover, at this time, in several locations in Indonesia the cases of the spread of Covid-19 are increasingly widespread.

But he continued, Unsyiah will do everything possible to continue to help the community and government fight Covid-19. This difficult condition is not a barrier to keep moving the operation of the infection laboratory which has been established since early May.

For that, Prof. Samsul hopes that all can work together to provide support so that Unsyiah's laboratory can continue to work. Because so far, the laboratory operational funding has only come from Unsyiah funds and cooperation. According to Prof. Samsul has not been able to fully cover the operational needs of the Unsyiah infection laboratory which require large funds.

"As an institution, we don't have much funds to run this laboratory. We ask for the support of all parties to support, so that we can help the community and ease the burden on the government to fight Covid-19. "

In addition, Prof. Samsul also hopes that the difficult conditions experienced by the Unsyiah laboratory and Aceh Balitbangkes can be addressed wisely by the community. Before the condition worsens, people are expected to always apply health protocols in their daily lives. Always use a mask, wash hands, and keep a distance in daily activities. This step is to reduce the spread, so that positive cases of Covid-19 in Aceh do not increase.

"Don't let us regret it if the conditions get worse. Take care of yourself and your family. What's more, nowadays swab test materials are increasingly difficult to come by, it requires joint awareness to fight this virus. " (Unsyiah Public Relations / fer)