Director Belmawa Released 2,753 Students Of KKNT MM-II USK

18.01.2021 Humas

Director General of Learning and Students of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Prof. Aris Junaidi, released online as many as 2,753 students of the Thematic Real-Life Teaching (KKNT MM II), Syiah Kuala University. (Banda Aceh, January 18, 2021).

Head of the Center for Development of Real Work Lecture Implementation (P3KKN) USK Dr. Dra. Sulastri, M.Si explained, KKNT MM II which took place during this pandemic was based on domicile. Where students carry out the main activities of assisting learning to read, write and count for elementary school students in their respective locations of origin.

The locations of the KKNT MM-II are spread across 73 urban districts in almost all parts of Indonesia. With details of 23 districts / cities in Aceh and 50 other districts spread across 10 provinces outside Aceh, namely North Sumatra (101), West Sumatra (30), Jambi (5), Riau (10), Riau Islands (7), South Sumatra (1), DKI Jakarta (3), West Java (5), Banten (2), and Central Java (2).

"As part of strengthening the capacity of field supervisors and KKN students, USK's P3KKN has also held pre-field debriefing for two consecutive days," he said.

On this occasion, Prof. Aris congratulated all USK students who took part in this Phase II KKNT MM. Prof. Aris assessed that the current concept of the Independent Campus has provided ample opportunities for students to develop their competences.

There are eight activities that are part of the concept of the Independent Campus, including one of which is KKN.

For this reason, Prof. Aris hopes that this Thematic KKN can be carried out by USK students as well as possible. Because this is an opportunity for the millennial generation to train their independence in creating the future.

"This thematic KKN can truly express what is the passion of students, what knowledge has been given to contribute in educating the public. This is the most important thing that students can take part in thematic KKN, "he said.

Meanwhile USK Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng hopes that this Thematic KKN can provide meaningful changes for the community. Especially in an effort to reduce the poverty rate by encouraging the economy of the community.

For this reason, the rector hopes that the Regency / City Government where the KKN is implemented can provide direction, related to what kind of programs USK students can implement in accordance with the needs of the region. Especially to help children who are still in grade 1 and 2 SD who cannot study face-to-face or online because of very limited facilities.

The rector said that USK was determined to continue to contribute in building society. In order to realize this commitment, USK has created an Independent Study program in which USK students will stay for 6 months in a certain area or village to carry out community service programs.

"So that the presence of USK can truly be felt by all people, especially Aceh, that is our main goal," said the rector.

In this activity, the USK rector also signed an MoU with the Regent of Nagan Raya H. M. Jamin Idham, SE., And 13 other districts on a desk to desk basis during this KKNT MM period.

With this agreement, it is hoped that all districts / cities in Aceh will become partners of USK. Furthermore, USK will implement the MoU with regencies / cities outside Aceh Province.