Doctor Education Program of USK Acknowledged as “Distinguished”

10.08.2021 Humas

The study program of Doctor Education in the School of Medicine, Universitas Syiah Kuala has been acknowledged to have a “Distinguished” accreditation. This decision was made with the visitation of the Indonesian Health Higher Education Independent Accreditation Agency (LAM-PTKes) Number: 0244/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Sar/VII/2021. (Banda Aceh, 10 August 2021). 

The Dean of USK School of Medicine Prof. Maimun Syukri, Sp.PD (K) mentioned that he was very grateful for the faculty’s achievement to be recognized “Distinguished”. This was indeed due to the support and hard work of the faculty’s members.

In addition, he also believes that this achievement means a lot for the School of Medicine in the attempts to improve the institution’s standard of service. With this achievement, the USK School of Medicine would have more opportunities to provide new programs. 

Other than that, this achievement also increases the faculty’s reputation in the society which will likely attract more students to study in USK. 

“Having acknowledged to be Distinguished will surely increase the society’s trust for our Doctor Education program. This is also important to ensure the education quality that we provide in this faculty.”

This accreditation is awarded for one year, starting from the day of its announcement on 30 July 2021. This one-year period was granted because the assessment was carried out virtually. Later, before the accreditation expires, an assessor from LAM-PTKes will visit USK School of Medicine to evaluate the virtual assessment. 

“If the assessment is going well, we will be awarded the title for five years, proofed with a certificate from LAM-PTKes.”, as Prof. Maimun said. 

Nevertheless, Prof. Maimun realizes that this achievement should not put the USK School of Medicine to rest. The challenges in the field of education, including those for health programs have been increasing every day. Therefore, this achievement should motivate the faculty to reflect on the offered education and to make it align with the current era.  Meanwhile, Rector of USK, Prof. Dr. IR. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPU, also being grateful, showed his appreciation to the faculty members’ hard work to improve their level. 

Institutionally, being awarded “Distinguished” is very important for the faculty. This has become the parameter for the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of Higher Education Institutions as set by the Ministry of Education. Not to mention that this recognition was the first in USK’s history.  As such, the Rector hopes that this achievement may motivate other programs in the university. 

Alhamdulillah, this could only mean that every faculty in this university is holding to one vision to act in synergy to realize the vision and mission of this university.