Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Socialized Artificial Reef in Aceh Besar

09.08.2021 Humas

Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK) through the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries (FKP) held a socialization for the implementation of the Artificial Reef Technology at the Fishermen Hall of Meunasah Keude Village, Masjid Raya Sector, Krueng Raya. (Aceh Besar, Saturday 7 August 2021)

This activity was initiated due to the damaged reef conditions around Aceh Besar waters which need to be repaired. Until today, there would be fishermen who catch fish with environmentally dangerous equipment which destroy the fish habitat, as mentioned in Serambinews.com.

Apart from that, the uncertain number of fish caught each day also had some impact on the society’s economy. With this condition, Rianjuanda, S.Kel., M.Si together with avinta Melanie, S.Kel., M.Sc and some other FKP lecturers managed to create an innovation with Artificial Reefs which look like the fish habitat, also called ARUSK (Artificial Reefs of Universitas Syiah Kuala).

This step is hoped to help recover the damaged  habitat/waters and bring back the fishes to support biodiversity and productivity of the ocean.

Before this technology was implemented, the fishermen community in Aceh Besar especially those in Lhok Krueng Raya and Pasie Lamnga were invited to the socialization program so that they would understand how it is going to be implemented, its benefits, and what to do to conserve the environment so that the habitat will be protected, with abundant fish and sustainable.

The program was opened by the Head of Marine and Fisheries Office of Aceh Besar, represented by Head Division of Fishery, Marzuki. In his opening remarks, he was impressed with the artificial reefs. This is a new thing for the fishery community in Aceh Besar. He was also thankful for USK for implementing it in Aceh Besar.

In the question and answer discussion, the Head of Supervision of Marine and Fishery Resources in Lampulo, represented by Eko Prasetyo R and Imania Etikasari mentioned that their division would try their best to monitor and take action towards the violations happening around the waters so that the fish resources will be sustainable and can be managed in a better way.

Also attending this program were the WCS Marine Program Aceh, the Panglima Laot, leader in fishing community in Aceh, the village leaders, Head of USK ODC, representative from the Aquatic Genetics and Biodiversity Laboratory of USK, Head of the Berseri Astra Village Banda Aceh, representative from the USK Research Center of Marine Science and Fisheries, students, and the fishermen from the village.

Before the program ended, Pawang Imran Ibrahim as the leader of Aceh fishing community in Krueng Raya hoped that USK through its Faculty of Marine and Fisheries will keep helping and leading the fishermen for better results with sustainable abundant catch. All of this to increase the fishermen's economy.

The head committee, Rianjuanda, S.Kel., M.Si said that, if everything went well, 30 artificial reefs are scheduled to be placed around Aceh Besar waters on 17 August 2021, on the independence day of Indonesia.