FH Unsyiah Discusses State Responsibility in Handling Refugees

09.07.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University's Faculty of Law held a national seminar virtually with the theme "State and International Community Responsibility in Handling Refugees (Case Study of Rohingya in North Aceh District and Lhokseumawe). (Banda Aceh, 7/7/2020).

Head of the Legal Consultation and Assistance Institution (LKBH) Unsyiah Kurniawan S, S.H., LL.M explained, this activity was a collaboration of the Laboratory and Clinical Law and LKBH Unsyiah. This kind of scientific forum, said Kurniawan, is a routine agenda that is carried out by the Law Faculty of FH Unsyiah.

"This activity is to respond as well as conduct advocacy, in order to build awareness and joint movements in an effort to help resolve any legal issues that arise in the community," he said.

There are several important recommendations produced in this virtual seminar. First, all participants greatly appreciated the care and solidarity of the people of North Aceh and Lhokseumawe, who have helped Rohingya Ethnic refugees who are in a state of floating in the middle of the sea.

In addition, high appreciation was also given to the Government through the relevant ministries, via verticle institutions in Aceh, the Government of North Aceh and the City of Lhokseumawe.

"And all parties who have tried their best to provide basic assistance in the form of shelter and food to Rohingya refugees," he said.

In this seminar, it was also concluded that it was necessary to carry out a FGD that was specifically designed between stakeholders in the Provincial Government and district / city.

Then, there needs to be ongoing and massive coordination between stakeholders. Both from the Government, local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and International CSOs, including UNHCR, in order to prepare instruments and approaches and strategies for appropriate and effective humanitarian missions.

Inviting all stakeholders, both government, regional government, CSOs and the community personally to be able to conduct a funding campaign (donation campaign) on an ongoing basis to help Rohingnya refugees.


Encourage Immigration Detention Center officials in Aceh to be able to carry out immigration surveillance of refugees. Both when found, in a shelter, outside the shelter.

"As well as when departing to the destination country, or voluntary repatriation in accordance with the provisions stipulated in Presidential Regulation No. 125 of 2016 concerning Handling of Refugees from Overseas," said Kurniawan.

Then, encourage the Governments through the relevant ministries that organize government affairs in the field of law and human rights through work units that handle immigration matters, so that they can give special attention to refugees with special needs.

Such as those who are sick, pregnant, people with disabilities, children, and advanced age, to be placed outside the shelter. In order to be given special care as mandated in Article 27 paragraph (1), paragraph (3) and paragraph (4) of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 125 of 2016 concerning Handling of Refugees from Overseas.

Another recommendation is to encourage the central government to conduct an in-depth study related to whether or not Indonesia should ratify the 1951. Convention and the need to optimize the implementation of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 125 of 2016 concerning Handling of Refugees from Overseas.

Present as presenters included H. Muhammad Nasir Jamil, S.Ag., M.Sc (Member of Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament), Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D (Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia). Prof. Dr. Adwani, S.H., M.Hum Professor of International Law, FH Unsyiah.

This activity was attended by around 234 participants from various regions in Indonesia and the community. As a variety of representatives of CSOs, bureaucrats, academics in various universities in Indonesia, students and other communities.