FH Unsyiah Online Legal Clinic; The Magnitude Of Gampong and Its Figure Role In Preventing The Spread Of Covid-19

20.04.2020 Humas

 Responding to the co-19 global pandemic, Unsyiah's Faculty of Law (FH) Law Clinic organizes online legal counseling with a series of customary law clinics. The theme raised at the Unsyiah FH online legal counseling activity this time was "The Role of Gampongs and Indigenous Leaders in Aceh in Efforts to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 Pandemic".

Dr Adli Abdullah, SH., MCL as one of the speakers spoke about the important role of traditional leaders and gampong to soothing the community in covid-19 pandemic. Adli said that in the face of this corona outbreak, local wisdom-based immunization needs to be strengthened in Aceh in the form of drinks made from natural spice extracts such as turmeric, halia, honey, betel nut, deterrent (black cumin).

According to Adli, these natural spices can increase endurance so it is not susceptible to disease. Adli, who is a customary law expert and also a consultant at the FH Unsyiah Traditional Law Clinic, urged the people of Aceh from farmers and fishermen to continue their activities while maintaining distance.

In addition, Adli Abdullah also hopes that gampong figures will be the supervisors and monitors of community movements, especially those coming from the red zone, while continuing to prioritize the ethics of humanity and brotherhood.

Another speaker, Dr. T Muttaqin Mansur MH said the existence of the village and traditional leaders in Aceh had an important role to reduce the increasingly widespread distribution of covid-19. Muttaqin who is also a customary law expert and consultant at the FH Unsyiah Legal Clinic said that one of the local wisdoms inherited by the ancestors to deal with various problems is known as pageu gampong or village fence.

One of the participants in the activity Dr. Taqwaddin Husein mentioned the need for education and socialization to the village government to behave and act to prevent and overcome the corona virus.

"This is important because gampong’s figure is the spearhead of the government system in Indonesia. So start with gampong," said Taqwaddin who is also the Chairperson of the Aceh Risk Reduction Forum (DRR Forum).

Taqwaadin called for the village government to provide education and outreach to its citizens on how to behave and behave in the face of the ODP and PDP, including medical officers.

"Treat them well according to our cultural customs. Do not let our corona destroy the cultural customs which are based on Islamic law, "concluded Taqwaddin who is also the Head of the Indonesian Ombudsman for the Aceh Region.

The Head of the Law and Clinical Laboratory of FH Unsyiah, Kurniawan reported, online legal counseling was attended by 60 participants from various agencies / affiliates and regions in Aceh.

"Among the participants there were those from Riau, Bandung and Jember," said Kurniawan who guided online legal counseling from one of the cafes in Banda Aceh, Saturday (4/18/20)

Kurniawan informed that FH Unsyiah had formed 10 legal clinics under the management of the Unsyiah Law Faculty and Law Clinic.

In providing its services, the 10 legal clinics collaborate and coordinate with the Legal Aid Consultation and Legal Aid Institute (LKBH) FH Unsyiah. The 10 legal clinics are the Customary Law Clinic, the Business Law Clinic, the Family Law Clinic, and the Protection of Women and Children. Next, Criminal Law Clinic, Environmental Law Clinic, Land and Spatial Law Clinic, Local Government Law Clinic and Legislative Drafting. Also Contract Law Clinics, International Law Clinics, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinics.

The purpose of establishing a legal clinic, said Kurniawan as a manifestation of the concrete steps of the campus community in Unsyiah, especially in the Faculty of Law to answer the various dynamics of problems and legal needs in the community