FKep Hold Social Service 'Gempar' in Aceh Besar

07.10.2019 Humas

Vice Rector for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Ir. Alfiansyah Yulianur, Bc, released 147 students from Faculty of Nursing and 73 committees of the gempar action or Community Care Nursing Student Movement, Wednesday (10/3). They will hold social services on October 3-6, 2019 in three villages in Lhong region, Aceh Besar. The three villages are Birek, Kareung, and Seungko Mulat. This activity is a form of concern for Fkep Unsyiah students towards the community health.

It is planned that there will be several activities to be carried out, such as mass treatment, visit home, health education at school, counseling for the elderly and pregnant women, healthy toddler competition, healthy menu competition, and other activities.


In his remarks, Alfiansyah said that one of the goals of this gempar action was to realize the tridarma principles of higher education, namely community service. He hopes students involved in this activity can devote themselves well, and uphold the values ​​of the nursing profession.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Dean of FKep, Dr. Hajjul Kamil, S.Kp, M.Kep., Who hopes students can provide the best health services for the people of Lhong, Aceh Besar.

"I hope the students who take part in this activity will be able to devote themselves to the community and continue to uphold the values ​​and norms that apply because this event carries the good name of the profession, faculty, and university," he said. []