FKG and Psychology Unsyiah Hold Social Service for Children with Cancer

18.08.2020 Humas

The Faculty of Dentistry and Psychology Study Program, Syiah Kuala University Medical Faculty held a social service for children with cancer and a cadre of "AKU BOS" (Not Sick People) consisting of facilitators and accompanying parents / caregivers of cancer children. This activity was held at the Children Cancer Care Community (C-Four) Lampriet Banda Aceh halfway house on Saturday (8/8/20).

This social service is the second of three series of social service activities held by FKG and Unsyiah Psychology as a form of implementing one of the Tridarma of Higher Education, social dedication. The first activity which was held on Thursday (7/16/20) focused on a survey of the knowledge of parents of children with cancer regarding oral health and detection of the psychological conditions of the parents / caregiver.

Meanwhile, the second series of activities (8/8/20) consisted of 3 main focuses including dental and oral health education for children with cancer and accompanying parents, examination of dental and oral health indexes, correct tooth brushing practices for children, parents. and facilitators as well as a survey of parents' knowledge about complications that occur in the oral cavity of children during and after cancer treatment and what parents should do if they occur.

The team leader, drg. Sri Rezeki, Sp. PM in this activity was assisted by two team members including drg. Diana Setya Ningsih, M.Si, Dr. Marty Mawarpury, S.Psi, M.Psi, as well as dentist representatives, namely drg. Sunnati, Sp.Perio, drg. Misra Hanum, drg. Tjut Aqsha Annatasya and psychologist Vera Nova, S.Psi, M.Psi. The Head of the Service Team as well as the Deputy Dean I for Academic Affairs at FKG Unsyiah stated that through this activity, he hopes that in the future children with cancer will have the same opportunities as other healthy children to get education and oral dental health care and improve the quality of life. In addition, he also said that this activity at the same time supports parents of children with cancer so that they can become role models for children in implementing a healthy lifestyle (health behavior), especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic conditions.

In addition to the two series of activities, FKG and Psychology Unsyiah will also carry out a third series of activities on Sunday (8/16/20) which focus on Play Therapy for children and Psycho Education for parents / caregivers and C-Four facilitators with emotional release goals and reduce the stress caused by pediatric cancer treatment. This activity is expected to be carried out in a sustainable manner to provide support for children with cancer and parents as one of the “BOS AKU” cadres and have an impact on improving the quality of life for children and their families.