FKG Students Donate 2,500 Masks for Hospitals

27.03.2020 Humas

Responding to the lack of a Self-Protection Tool (APD) in handling the covid-19 pandemic, FKG students provided mask assistance to Zainoel Abidin Regional Hospital and Prince Nayef Unsyiah Hospital. FKG students donated 2,000 masks to RSUDZA which were received directly by Dr.dr Herlina Dimiatri, SpA (K) and as many as 500 masks to Prince Nayef Hospital received by the Director of RSPN Dr. Dian Adisyahputra SpBA.

The initiator of the activity, Rizky Fattah and her fellow students, hoped that the mask assistance would be able to help doctors, nurses, and other health workers in handling the covid-19 pandemic in Aceh.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of DPM from FKG Unsyiah, M Alif Satrio, also appealed to his fellow students, especially those in Aceh, to take part in helping the government to handle covid-19. FKG Unsyiah has also opened an open donation on social media to receive all assistance. Preferably PPE or other assistance that will be distributed to hospitals and health care facilities in need.

The mask donation is part of the "FKG Unsyiah Spry Covid-19" program. According to Vice Dean III, drg. Teuku Ahmad Arbi, SpBM, FKG student Unsyiah as the forerunner of health workers in the future must contribute and play an active role in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic in Aceh. An active role that can be carried out is the distribution of PPE assistance and public education about the dangers of coexist-19, including calls for social distancing, hand washing, cough/sneezing ethics, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"We hope that all health workers who handle patients will always healthy and protected from exposure to the virus and this covid-19 pandemic will soon pass," he concluded.