FKH Unsyiah Heard to Polda Aceh Regarding the Independent Campus Program

15.09.2020 Humas

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary, Syiah Kuala University, drh. Teuku Reza Ferasyi, MSc., PhD., Along with FKH Deputy Deans and Study Program Coordinators, made an audience visit to the Aceh Regional Police to discuss the Merdeka Campus program. This group was welcomed by the Aceh Police Chief, Brigadier General. Pol Wahyu Widada in his office. (9/15).

Reza Ferasyi explained that this visit was a follow-up to the police chief's request who wanted to build friendship with the FKH Unsyiah.

"The purpose of the hearing is in order to expand the cooperation network of three principles of higher education activities from the Faculty of Veterinary," said Reza Ferasyi.

On this occasion, Reza Ferasyi delivered greetings from the rector  and explained the history of the faculty which was officially established on October 17, 1960. As well as explaining about the achievements and developments in the current conditions of FKH.

"The existence of the second oldest faculty in Unsyiah is also inseparable from the contributions of various parties, starting from the Iskandar Muda Regional Military Command Commander, the governor at that time and various other parties," he said.

During the meeting, Reza Ferasyi also expressed his hopes regarding the possibility of cooperation in the implementation of the Free Learning-Free Campus Program, and the Veterinary Professional Education Program with the Aceh Regional Police.

"In addition, we also discussed the possibility of conducting research collaborations, to develop types of tracking animals from local resources in Indonesia," he said.

Meanwhile, the Aceh Police Chief welcomed the desire to collaborate between FKH Unsyiah and the Aceh Police, with the principle of mutual support and benefits. The Aceh Regional Police will fully support the cooperation plan realized with existing facilities and resources within the institution.

Likewise for official implementation it is necessary to prepare a cooperation agreement between the two parties.

The Aceh Police Chief also emphasized the importance of every activity carried out for the benefits of many people. In addition, each activity must provide benefits to various sectors. Both for regional development and in everyday life, such as education, economy and social order.

"Henceforth, he is directed to hold a more technical meeting with related units at the Aceh Police, in order to complete the cooperation document," said Reza Ferasyi.

At this meeting the Dean of FKH was accompanied by the Deputy Dean I, Prof. Dr. drh. Muslim Akmal, M.P., Vice Dean II, Dr. drh. M. Nur Salim, M.P, Coordinator of PDH Study Program, Dr. drh. T. Zahrial Helmi, M.Sc., and PPDH Study Program Coordinator, Dr. drh. Erwin, M.Sc.