FMIPA Unsyiah Holds Webinar The Great Role of Science in Stopping Covid-19

15.07.2020 Humas

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Syiah Kuala University held a series of inaugural Webinars with the theme "The Great Role of Science in Stopping the COVID-19 " (Banda Aceh, 7/13/2020). This webinar presents four experts in their fields who explore opportunities for the contribution of science and mathematics in the completion of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They are Prof. Dr. Marwan Ramli, S.Sc., M. Si., Lecturer in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unsyiah and expert in mathematical modeling and application, and Dr. Saumi Syahreza, S.Sc., M.Sc., who is a lecturer in the Physics Faculty of FMIPA Unsyiah, and an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

While the other two presenters were Dr. Suhartono, S.Sc., M.Sc., teaching lecturer at Masters in Biology and microbiologists FMIPA Unsyiah, and Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Rinaldi Idroes, S.Si, lecturer in Chemistry, who is also the Chair of the Doctoral Mathematics and Science Applications (DMAS) program, who is an analytical chemist and researcher on Aceh's natural potential as an antimicrobial.

Vice Dean I FMIPA Unsyiah, Dr. Nasrullah, S.Sc., M.Sc., M.Sc. when opening this activity hopes, this webinar can be a contribution of FMIPA Unsyiah in the development and science to overcome the challenges of preventing and handling COVID-19 in Indonesia, in general and the Province of Aceh in particular.

While Prof. Marwan said that mathematical modeling has a big role in stopping the COVID-19 pandemic. The mathematical modeling for COVID-19 he had made showed that the rate of COVID-19 infection rose exponentially in Aceh.

"The existence of a massive policy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by keeping a distance, mass testing (mass testing) ¸ migration restrictions and others will provide a small infection rate and a decrease in the number of positive confirmations COVID-19," he said.

Other presenters, Dr. Saumi explained about the development of the Aceh Province COVID-19 distribution mapping portal. GIS provides a very large role in mapping and monitoring the development of the spread of COVID-19. Currently the Unsyiah COVID-19 team is developing two GIS portals namely static maps and dynamic maps

"The application of the two maps is designed in the form of a web-based map (web map) which aims to provide the latest information related to the development of the spread of COVID-19 in Aceh," he said.

This application is also able to map the general level of vulnerability by region, and provide information to the government so that the government can give top priority to prevention and treatment efforts.

Furthermore, Dr. Suhartono, S.Sc., M.Sc explained that SARS-CoV-2 is the cause of COVID-19. Suhartono explained in detail related to the structure, characteristics, replication, transmission, pathogenesis, diagnosis, risk factors, prevention, and treatment.

Furthermore, he said that biological research in overcoming COVID-19 had and would be carried out by developing Recombinant Antigens (N and S) SARS-CoV-2 and Nano-antibiotics for diagnostic and treatment applications.

"This research is also for the identification and isolation of antiviral drugs that target proteins that have been identified in the SARS-CoV-2 Cycle, including Natural Compounds," he said.

In the last session Prof. Rinaldi said that there has been a great effort in chemical research in Aceh Province to contribute to various problems in society, including for the Covid-19 pandemic problem.

"Specifically for this problem, local traditional medicinal plants according to the results of their research have the potential to become COVID-19 drugs," he said.

The webinar was attended by around 300 participants from various scientific backgrounds, as well as from various regions in Indonesia, even from abroad. This activity is broadcast live on Unsyiah TV's live streaming YouTube account.

FMIPA plans several Webinar series this year. The next series will be held on July 22, 2020 with the theme "Unusual Ways to Teach Mathematics and Science in the New-Normal Era". This webinar will also present experts in their fields, as well as the Head of the Aceh Provincial Education Office.