GPMS Delegation From Malaysian Visit Unsyiah

24.10.2019 Humas

Delegation from Peninsular Malay Student Association (GPMS) Malaysia visited Syiah Kuala University. The delegation of around 30 people was welcomed by the Head Office International Affairs Dr. Muzailin, S.Si M.Sc and Head of Academic Bureau Unsyiah Rahmat Lubis, S.E at the Unsyiah Senate Hall. (Thursday, 10/24).

In his speech Muzailin said, Unsyiah was very happy for the visit. This visit was an honor for Unsyiah. So far Unsyiah has established good relations with various universities in Malaysia. Collaboration between the two institutions aims to improve the quality of education of the two countries.

"So we are very happy, with a visit like this we can also exchange information and experiences. Hopefully there are good things we get, especially to improve the quality of education, "said Muzailin.

Muzailin said that so far Unsyiah had been carrying out KKN International. Where many Unsyiah students do community service in Malaysia. Like this year, Unsyiah plans to send back 20 students to Malaysia.


Related to this, Muzailinm said, Unsyiah was openly ready to open opportunities for cooperation for universities in Malaysia, if they wanted to carry out community service activities in Aceh.

Meanwhile, Melaka GPMS Representative Datuk Bakrin bin Sadek said that today's visit was a return visit after some time the Unsyiah delegation came to Melaka. On the other hand, this visit aims to build closer relations from both parties.

Datuk Bakrin was also very grateful for the implementation of the two-week International Community Service Program in June 2019 in Melaka. The program has also received good responses from the Melaka State Kingdom, Japerun Synchronizers, Parlimen Experts and local leaders in Melaka.

The program, according to Datuk Bakrin, provides many benefits, especially for the local community.

"A lot of knowledge can be shared together in this program. "Like religion, cooking, cooperation and activities carried out by Unsyiah students for three weeks there," he said.

At the end of the event, both parties signed the Certificate from the National School of Demang Hussin and the National School of Ayer Keroh. At the same time submission of eye cendra.

Also attending the delegation were MAIM Industries' Chairperson Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad, MAIM Industries CEO Datuk Kamarulazi bin Jafar, Chairperson of the Raudhatul Jannah Mosque Chair, National GPMS President Mohd Alif Anas bin Md Noor and others.