Hamdani Mulya, Unsyiah Alumni Releases the Da'wah Book of Sultan Malikussaleh

14.11.2020 Humas

Hamdani Mulya again wrote a book entitled Traces of the Da'wah of Sultan Malikussaleh Permata Ilmu from Aceh. This Unsyiah alumni wrote a story of traces of the glorious history of the Samudra Pasai Kingdom in a book that is fairly good.

"I have written the book Traces of the Da'wah of Sultan Malikussaleh as a reference for learning history, so that the younger generation understands that our ancestors were the nation's ancestors respected and respected by foreign nations," said Hamdani.

The book by Hamdani Mulya is a work worthy of reference for history teachers, students, lecturers, and students as a guide for learning history in Indonesia.

"Sultan Malikussaleh was a leader, a true statesman. Under his leadership the Kingdom of Samudra Pasai reached the peak of progress, Aceh was glorious with the high advancement of scientific civilization. To preserve the heritage of historical civilization, I wrote this book," Hamdani explained.

This book is published by the Aceh Office of Library and Archives, after passing the selection of manuscripts by experts. Starting to slide in November 2020.

Hamdani Mulya, the author of this book, is a native of Pasai, born in the village of Paya Bili, Kec. Meurah Mulia, Kab. Aceh Utara 10 Mai 1979 received education at SMAN 1 Samudra Geudong in 1995-1998. He is very interested in writing the history of Samudra Pasai as a sign of love for his ancestral land. The book by Hamdani, who graduated from Syiah Kuala University in 2003, is 108 pages long and is given a foreword by the Head of the Aceh Library and Archives Service.

"I thank the Head of the Aceh Library and Archive Office, to Mr. Imam Muhajir who has processed the book until publication, and to all those who support the publication of this book," he concluded.

The Traces of Sultan Malikussaleh's Da'wah also tells of the challenges of world figures who have visited Samaudra Pasai such as Ibn Bathutah. As well as recording traces of historical relics such as ethnography, philology, numismatics, and historical collections of the Islamic Museum of Samudra Pasai.