JAPFA and Unsyiah Establish Teaching Farm in Ie Suum Aceh Besar

09.10.2019 Humas

The leading agribusiness company, PT. JAPFA Comfeed Indonesia Tbk through its subsidiary PT. Indojaya Agrinusa, cooperated with Syiah Kuala University to establish a Teaching Farm in Gampong Ie Suum, Masjid Raya Raya District, Aceh Besar. (Tuesday, 10/8).

The form of this cooperation is Unsyiah providing land to build this Teaching Farm, while the financing and technical development are handled by PT. Indojaya Agrinusa.

The cage, which is capable of accommodating around 20,000 chickens, was later inaugurated by the President Commissioner of PT. JAPFA H. Syamsir Siregar. Previously, Syamsir had inaugurated the Egg Hatchery (Hatchery) in Jawie Village, Seulimum District, Aceh Besar.

JAPFA Sumbagut Head of Operation Anwar Tandiono explained, the Teaching Farm consists of three large cages namely the Commercial Farm Closed House, the Stage Open House and the Postal House Open. All types of cages have the same size which is 8 x 70 meters.

This Teaching Farm can also be a learning medium for all faculties in Unsyiah who are multi-disciplinary. Anwar revealed, his side deliberately established three types sometimes in order to be a comparison for students to judge their own strengths and weaknesses.

"So with these three models, it's easier to make comparisons from all aspects. That is the true meaning of Teaching Farm. We hope that young entrepreneurs or new breeders from Unsyiah will be born, "he said.

Syamsir Siregar said the founding of Teaching Farm was part of the Unsyiah cooperation agreement with JAPFA in 2018. Previously, JAPFA had provided internship opportunities to Unsyiah students, educational seminars and scholarships.


Syamsir hopes that the establishment of Teaching Farm will be able to become a learning medium for Unsyiah students to enter the livestock industry.

"With this facility, it is hoped that the next generation of the nation can explore the world of poultry in practice, and in the future be able to innovate to improve the quality of livestock in Indonesia," he said.

Meanwhile, Rector of Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, expressed his gratitude for JAPFA's support in the effort to develop the quality of the education and research of Unsyiah students, through the establishment of this Teaching Farm.

Rector revealed that Unsyiah Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only faculty in Sumatra. FKH Unsyiah graduates have also been well tested in their quality. This can be seen from the many FKH alumni who work at JAPFA in various divisions of the company.

For this reason, Unsyiah continues to be committed to developing this faculty. One of them is by increasing the quota for new student admissions next year.

"Therefore, the establishment of Teaching Farm is in line with Unsyiah's ideals to continue to develop the quality of education and research, so that FKH Unsyiah can continue to contribute in efforts to develop the world of livestock in Indonesia," the Rector said.

Also attending the event was Aceh Besar Regent Mawardi Ali, Head of BNN Center Heru Winarko, JAPFA Chief Operating Officer Bambang B. Hendarto, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dr. drh. Muhammad Hambal, Head, Head of Aceh Animal Husbandry Service and other officials.