Junior High School Students Join Capacity Building Training

15.04.2019 Humas

A total of 60 female students from 4 junior high schools in Banda Aceh participated in capacity building training to reduce disaster risk, Saturday (4/6) in Escape Building Gampong Deah, Meuraksa District, Banda Aceh. Activities to commemorate this Disaster Preparedness Day were organized by students who are members of the Tangguh Facilitator (Fastana) under the guidance of Unsyiah, Natural Aceh, and the Banda Aceh BPBD.

Tia Sasmita, chairman of the committee, explained that this activity was one of a series of activities for the rapid reaction team training in order to educate the public, especially junior high school students about the issue of disaster.

"We chose 4 junior high schools which are geographically very close to the shoreline, so that they have a higher risk of the threat of disasters, especially tsunamis," he said.

This training was packed with various interesting activities, such as strengthening disaster material, evacuation maps, and making disaster risk maps. The participants were very enthusiastic in participating in this activity. It is hoped that this activity can form junior high school students who are aware of the disaster, so that they can convey to their families and schoolmates. (Public Relations Unsyiah)