Lampung University Learn Information System to Unsyiah

05.11.2019 Humas

About 20 people from Lampung University visited Syiah Kuala University to learn more about developing integrated information and data systems in Unsyiah. The activity which was packaged in the form of Focus Group Discussion was held from November 3-6, 2019 in the UPT Information and Communication Technology Unsyiah. (Monday, 11/4).

Head of Sub Division Program and Budget Susanto, S. Kom in his remarks said, he thanked for the willingness of Unsyiah to welcome, as well as share the experiences related to information systems to University of Lampung.

Sosanto said that currently Lampung University is in the process of improving the development of information systems on campus. Thus, the University of Lampung can run its institution more effectively and be able to provide more optimal services.

"We have seen how Unsyiah website is very well integrated. For this reason, we came here to study, and get input to strengthen Lampung University in the future, "said Susanto.


For this reason, in this visit the delegation of Lampung University brought several information technology experts. Such as Application Analysis Team, Application Analysis Team, Application Analysis Team, UPT Programmer Team. ICT.

Head of the General and Finance Bureau Unsyiah Maimun, S.T., MM said, Unsyiah always welcomes anyone who wants to study on this campus. During this time, there have been many universities in Indonesia that have conducted comparative studies to Unsyiah.

"They generally learn to find out more about Unsyiah's strategy, while successfully achieving significant accreditation from A to C," Maimun said.

Maimun revealed that currently Unsyiah has 67 professors. This number will continue to grow, because in the near future there will be seven professor candidates who will be confirmed.

Regarding the information system, Unsyiah has committed to continue to develop its information system in every existing service unit. And now, UPT TIK Unsyiah has become the spearhead of Unsyiah in strengthening information systems.

Also present at this meeting was the Head of Planning and Public Relations Bureau (BPHM) Unsyiah Abdul Rochim, S. Sos., M.Pd., Head of Academic Bureau Unsyiah Rahmat Lubis, S.E, Head of the Unsyiah Student Affairs Bureau drh. Mustafa Sabri, M.P Unsyiah and Head of UPT TIK Unsyiah Nazaruddin, S.Sc., M.Eng.Sc