LDF An-Nahl Sharing Iftar Food to the Community

21.05.2018 Humas

Da'wah Institution of Veterinary Faculty (LDF) An Nahl donates some iftar food to society. The activities themed Iftar On The Road was held at the Masjid Al Makmur Banda Aceh. (Sunday, 5/20)

Amir An Nahl Bayu, said this event is an annual agenda which is included in the series of “Semarak Ramadhan Berbagi”(SERAMBI). One of the agenda in this event is sharing free iftar food to the public, and motorists who pass through the intersection of Jalan Masjid Al Makmur Banda Aceh.

"Alhamdulillah, we have distributed about 300 packs of iftar food to the people who crossed the red light crossing in front of Al-Makmur Mosque today. This activity is our annual activity in Ramadan that aim to spread goodness in Ramdhan," explained Bayu.

In this activity LDF An Nahl also invites people to always spread the good thing during this Ramadan. The response to this activity is quite positive. As revealed by Ahmad, one of the riders, who said that people look happy to get the free iftar food.

"I think sharing the iftar food on the road is good because I see a lot of people happy. "said Ahmad.