Lecturer from Agricultural Production Engineering of USK Assisting Micro Business of Cakery

09.08.2021 Humas

Lecturer from USK through the product-based community service program (PKMBP) in 2021 has held an Assistance for Micro Business of Cakery in one of their foster villages in Gampong Lamgapang, Kruen Barona Jaya sector, Aceh Besar.

The lecturer team consisted of Dr. Murna Muzaifa, S.TP., MP, Dr. Irfan, M.Sc and Cut Nilda, S.TP, M.Sc from the Agricultural Production Engineering program, the Faculty of Agriculture of USK and a committee in the Halal Center USK.

Three micro businesses of cakery that received fostering were the business of Nurl Huda, Rahmi, and Nurul Hayati (as partners). The fostering activity began in April 2021 before Ramadhan with some program activities, such as production training or also known as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), food safety and Halal product education, product packaging improvement, and introduction to production support facilities.

The GMP and product packaging recovery training as well as labeling for each partner were held in the partners’ location. In addition, the partners also received some production facilities including mixer, blender, gas stove, cake mould, packaging, refrigerator and large capacity gas oven. These facilities are expected to support the entrepreneurs to increase their product quality and quantity.

Special for food safety (on 14 May 2021) and Halal product education (on 29-30 June 2021), the lecturer team was also accompanied by the Aceh LPPOM MPU and Health Office of Aceh Besar.

The head of the community service, Dr. Murna Muzaifa mentioned that these two activities were very important for the partners to improve their knowledge about food safety and getting the necessary certificate to run their business safely and legally. They are therefore scheduled to receive the halal certification at the end of 2021.