On Safari Ramadan to FK, FKG, and FKEP, Rector: One Building Will Be On Tender This Month

04.05.2021 Humas

The Rector of USK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng and the Vice Rectors in the Safari Ramadan program visited the Faculty of Medicine (FK), the Faculty of Dentristry (FKG), and The Faculty of Nursing (FKEP). This visitation program is an annual program for the head of university to meet with all faculties in the university during Ramadan.

This meeting was led by the Dean of Nursing Faculty, Dr. Hajjul Kamil, S.Kp., M. Kep. The visitation was intended to strengthen and improve the relationships between the head of university and the head of faculties and their staff. In the meeting, the Rector would listen to aspirations from the faculty’s employees and staff delivered directly to the head of university. 

In this Safari Ramadan meeting, there were discussions about the lecture activities during Covid-19 pandemic. Dr. Hajjul Kamil said that they keep observing and evaluating the situation, as suggested in the Rector’s letters and the Satgas Covid-19 instructions. “We always monitor all the cases.”, he said. 

At the same time, he also informed about their recent programs in which they hosted 4 workshops regarding the international accreditation process, ASIIN for the academic and profession. “All three faculties worked together when completing the procedure.”, as explained by Dr. Hajjul. 

The Dean also talked about a stalled building in their faculty and explained that currently the process is to be handled between the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic Indonesia (PUPR) in the Central and Regional (Aceh) offices together with the Planning team from USK. They also expected the Rector’s support in this project would help the tender process to go as expected. 

“Currently, we are also all out in preparing curriculum revisions. The study programs of bachelor, master, and doctorate all cooperate to do this.”, the Dean explained. 

On the other hand, Prof. Samsul Rizal also reminded that the university activities should be carried out with extra care as the Covid-19 positive cases in Aceh keep increasing these days. This is also why the Rector made the quick decision and implement the online lecture. The Rector also expected that those in the health sectors in USK would have a role on this. 

“To my fellow colleagues in the health sectors, I hope that everyone would support our society and give some recommendations regarding the Covid-19 situation, including to the higher-ups.”, he said.